Monday, 10 February 2014

Jim Davidson: Least I'm not boring (but I am a cunt and so are my fans)

Hello there! I've missed you and all the scuttlebutt. Let's watch Big Brother Canada together when it's on in March. It's got a moose! Well, it did last year.
Anyway, back to our Jim, or #jimtowin, as the common people call him. Even the title of this show is annoying, jauntily missing out the word 'at'. It reminds me of Kim Marsh's stolen autobiography (well, found on our balcony in Ibiza) that started every other paragraph with 'Thing is, right...'
Personally, I'd rather be boring than a self-confessed wife beater, racist and homophobe, but hey, [at] least I'm not those things.
I can't even look at Jim Davidson, he makes me feel physically sick, which makes watching this show rather difficult. Lionel is claiming he discovered Jim on New Faces again. Lionel also claimed that Jim was a 'good looking guy.' Negative!
His old stand up comedy looks AWFUL. Shut up, Ian Hyland. He's another sexist prick. The way he used to talk about women in his NOTW column was vile.
Jim's sitcom also looks crap so no wonder he wants to gloss over it. Dear God, the Big Break years. I remember this vividly as a child and thinking how awful it was. It was like the anti-Blind Date.
Garry (his parents' spelling error, not mine) Bushell - there's an unwanted blast from the past.
Jim's 'joke' about a jaguar biting his wife's head off says it all, really.
Bobby Davro never knew Jim was a cokehead. But he laughed uproariously about 18 year old women taking coke. Lovely.
Why is Garry Bushell standing up for Jim Davidson beating up his wife? Gross. Cos Lou Reed did it doesn't make it any better. I don't like him, either. 'Hip', my arse. 'Hipsters' don't get a pass for wifebeating; but you get more of a pass if you show an ounce of remorse; something Davidson is incapable of.
I DO remember being a kid and thinking racism was wrong, I ALWAYS thought racism and sexism was wrong, even when my dad and brothers were watching Roy Chubby Brown. I've NEVER been racist, not when I was a kid, a teen, any time. I've always known right from wrong. It reminds me of this 'oh it was acceptable then' attitude about groping women. No it WASN'T. Men just GOT AWAY WITH IT.
Jim's jokes about 'pakis' and 'rug-munchers' are just vile. I DON'T believe this was ever acceptable. I don't see how anyone can ever defend it. It wasn't 'lefties' that destroyed Jim Davidson's career, it was Jim Davidson.
The fact the only black person they've got sticking up for themselves against Jim Davidson's racism is Richard Blackwood, who most people don't like, or don't think is funny, I think is very telling for C5's agenda. But Richard actually made some very good points. Just forget about Brass Eye for a minute and listen to him.
Linda Lusardi is an idiot, saying he can't be a misogynist because he's has so many wives. So men with seven wives aren't misogynists. Tell that to David Koresh.
Jim comparing himself to Frankie Boyle is hardly endearing, he's a cruel cunt, too.
OMG this bit about him not wanting to make fun of disabled people takes the biscuit. This is the true him coming out now. He didn't want disabled people on the front row because he didn't want to make fun of them, or if he did he'd get into trouble? Oh my God. Is he really saying this?
Dear God, this Brian Dowling bit! 'I didn't fall out with him before he was A gay, it was because he was a cunt.' Then his grin to the camera. You voted for that! (Sorry, you didn't, because you're a normal person, but PEOPLE voted for that!) People actually BELIEVED HE HAD CHANGED even though he ADMITTED HE HADN'T. Seriously, how much clearer does he have to spell it out for you?
'A gay!' 'A gay!' Dehumanising piece of shit. Then he has a go at Brian for 'playing the homophobic card'. Why would Brian think Jim Davidson was homophobic when he IS HOMOPHOBIC. Brian didn't like you BECAUSE you were homophobic and you didn't like him BECAUSE he is gay. You imbecile.
Poor Jim, getting 'branded homophobic' after all that. Who would brand someone calling someone a shirtlifter homophobic?
Oh my God, I just got so angry my vision went funny. That can't be right. People on Twitter are doing my head in, defending this nonsense. I honestly can't bear it.
'A lot of shirtlifters have the same face' makes me feel physically sick. I don't know how people can even watch it. It makes me cry every time I see it.
Jim: 'It's a common word used to describe gay people.' He is saying this in an interview NOW. 'Is it any worse than poof?' He is saying this in an interview NOW. 2014. NOW. On your TV screen. NOW. He is saying these words. So don't you DARE come on my fucking Twitter and try and defend this piece of shit. You're no better than him! I am incensed, I am apoplectic.
What is this 'Gay means Good As You' bullshit? What a rotten man. Absolutely disgusting, inside and out. 
 I sincerely hope there are some #jimtowin people at home now, wishing like hell they'd never voted for him. I would love it if just one person just said, 'I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have voted for this man.'
'Oh but Ollie, it doesn't matter if you go out with a boy or a girl.' I hope Ollie is watching this now and seeing just how far the wool was pulled over his eyes. PLEASE! Someone, anyone, condemn this horrible man.
Garry: 'Brian weren't the sort of gay guy Jim would really get on with.' What does that mean? Brian is a perfectly nice man. The truth is Jim hates ALL gay people, he just hides it well now, and people are s dumb, they're fooled. 'Brianphobic.' Please. Jim has 'since learnt shirtlifter is offensive.' Where was he the previous ten years?
Jim: 'I didn't say it to upset him but I didn't like him using it against me. To my mind, he was to blame for the argument, not me.' Doesn't sound that sorry, does he?
I don't even care about this Yewtree thing. Isn't the rest of it damning enough, even if he is innocent of this?
Ian Hyland is right that Jim going into Big Brother a year later was good for him, because he had the battle with Linda, he had no Brian Dowling to face, and he would have been lost between Speidi and Rylan.
The fact that Bobby Davro is even having to say 'well done' to Jim for 'behaving himself' in the Big Brother house is damning. Most people don't have to 'behave themselves' ie. behave with common decency. They just are that way.
Good on Nina Mishkov  who I generally can't stand for saying he did a brilliant piece of acting because he really did.
The way he's twisting this Frank Carson dressing room thing is sick. He knew what he was doing and he knew he wanted to hurt her. He even admits as much.
I see Jim is talking the piss out of his housemates, who all loved him, in his stand up now. Nice. What a nice man. Ah, referring to women as 'birds'. NOW. In 2014. Is that OK? As long as that's OK with you, just checking. I'm obviously just 'bitter' and 'man hating'. What a winner. I thought we could never get lower than Denise Welch but this is snake-belly low. This is the bottom of Jeffrey Dahmer's barrel low. He's making fun of DAPPY who said Jim was like a DAD to him. This man is TWISTED.
This has been less of a blog and more of an explosion on Twitter. I just blocked three people and at least two people blocked me. Someone called 'buddha11180' I wasn't even following said they were 'bored of my pathetic man hating rants so fuck off from my timeline'. Not very zen like. Someone else called me 'a bitter aggressive cunt'.
You know what? When you're a feminist it's very easy for men (and self-hating women) to throw words like 'bitter' and 'man-hating' at you, when actually you're pro-equality. That's all a feminist is, someone who wants equal rights. If you're too thick to get that, fuck off my timeline, fuck off my blog, and go watch Nick Griffin's cookery show, or read Richard Littlejohn's column (mind how you go). If you don't want people to be equal - men, women, different races, different sexualities - and that makes me 'bitter' and a 'man hater' that's YOU with the wrong end of the stick, NOT me.
So keep clinging to it. But times are a-changing. And Jim Davidson winning DID set us back, make no mistake about it, but it's just the fucking mob, it's the James Arthur fans, the One Directioners, the sheep, the fusty old straight men, the blinkered old scrotes who can't see the wood for the trees. So just let them rot. They'll never get it, no matter how loud we shout, so why waste our breath?
My best friend texted me and said, 'why are you watching that Jim Davidson drivel?' I guess this is why. To write this.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest you take up a hobby other than Jim Davidson, as from reading this article you come across as a jilted ex wife. { or even worse Linda Nolan :D }

It can't be good for you being this angry with somebody. Would suggest turning the telly off next time he's on, and giving up the crusade.

Anonymous said...

The horrid little slut is deluded.

Anonymous said...

Only a retarded little man hater like Lynsey could be deluded enough to get her hateful comments deleted from digtal spy.

Anonymous said...

The 1 dimensional thick bitch will probably be deluded enough to see any comments at all as a positive thing.
Leave the student idiot to it she doesnt deserve the attention.

lightupvirginmary said...

Oh give it a rest, Bradley/ Ellie/ Mike. You're really scraping the barrel now. Troll off.

Anonymous said...

Hey its Charliemay. Great blog as always girl. My god you can feel the fumes jumping off the page. Im glad Celeb BB was not for 3 months I think James would of had to take you too the hospital. lol
I dont agree wit everything you said but I respect anyone who stands up for what they believe in. And can I just who ever called you a slut on here needs FUCK RIGHT OFF.
Keep doing what you do lynsey don't let people get to you. xx

Anonymous said...

Davidson was part of entertainment when I was growing up. He was Mr Entertainment. He was also a big fucking cunt then too. Agree with everything you said. I still don't understand how people liked him then, let alone now in 2014.

He of course has the right to say his opinion. Just wish he would be more honest about it instead of trying to justify such vile behaviour.

I'd like to think he phoned up Bushell after it and said, "Stay the fuck off my side, man. You helped buried me!", but I think sadly it would be more a deluded, "fanks for 'aving my back, mate. Nobody understands me". Takes one to know one I guess.

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you so much, you two. Those comments made up for the others, and I half enjoyed the others too, but yours were lovely. Much appreciated. And Charlie: you're right about the hospital. ;) I'm not sorry for anything I said, it's just one person's opinion. Garry Bushell for next CBB?! ;)

The Geek said...

Now there's true paranoia for you.

Number one was me, I found the article via Twitter and I made the comment because without a doubt, this is the most bigoted article on JD I have seen on the internet to date.

Writing an article of this nature in my mind puts you in a worse league than the man you are trying to literally assassinate. { 7 Sexists, 4 racists, 7 homophobic and a partridge in a pear tree. }

At the end of the day, JD is a comedian, and if his brand of comedy is not to your taste don't watch him.

Whilst I do not agree with the abuse of some of the posters here and on Twitter, it is quite apparent that you serious have jealousy or other issues when it comes to JD. Being obsessively intolerant of what you perceive to be somebody else's intolerance, makes you worse than them, and I would suspect this is why you are attracting one or two nutters this week.

lightupvirginmary said...

Yeah I'm jealous of a fat, racist, homophobic pensioner with the complexion of Phil Mitchell. You've hit the nail right on the head. You should be the new host of Cheaters or something, you’re such a brilliant detective.

So now you’re not anonymous, even though initially you were? I’m not paranoid, and I’m not stupid either, I know who you are, and even if I don’t, it’s all just waa waa waa so anyway.

We’ll do it your way. I would love for you to tell me exactly how my blog is WORSE than racism and homophobia. When I said I’m crying watching a homophobic attack on TV, and that I’m ashamed of my country for voting for this man because of the list of things he’s done. Where exactly is something I have said that is worse than a hate crime? What have I done wrong? I would love to know.

If it IS the most bigoted article you’ve read on JD then I’m proud of myself. I’ve done my job. It’s got nothing to do with ‘his brand of comedy’ and everything to do with the MAN HE IS.

The ’issues’ I have with his are that I’m a woman, and I believe in equal rights. You won’t see Jim getting called a ‘retarded slut’ on the internet. That brand of insult is reserved for me, because of people like him.

The Geek said...

Re "Yeah I'm jealous of a fat, racist, homophobic pensioner"

My point exactly. In your eyes your perception of Jims "Sexism" and "Racism" et al are heinous crimes, yet here you are in the same sentence being ageist and weightist. { Yes I know it isn't a word. }

At the end of the day if you want to be a true crusader for tolerance and equality, you should take a long hard look in the mirror and begin there.

lightupvirginmary said...

Except ageism and 'weightism' aren't hate crimes, plus I was just being glib in response to your ridiculous accusation that I'm jealous of that piece of crap. I don't want to be a true crusader for equality - I just want equality without having to beg for it and explain why we don't have it yet to people like you. And I'm highly intolerant of many people. Especially creepy crawly people posting anonymously on my blog.
You go look in a mirror, Bradley. I'm 100% confident with my opinions, especially about Jim Davidson, a known prick and arsehole. I just wonder what the hell has gone wrong with the world that I'm the one having to explain myself for calling him out.

The Geek said...

I did say "or other issues"

What is apparent is that you claim to be a feminist, which to me says "I claim to be a champion of equality and tolerance" however it comes across from your rantings that you are discriminatory, bigoted and extremely paranoid. { If you still think this is Bradley, feel free to contact me via my website and we can put your poor lil mind at rest. }

Anyway as it's clear you cant take constructive criticism and also have to have the last word on everything, so I shall leave it here.

lightupvirginmary said...
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Anonymous said...
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