Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blog fail/ Plug victory - catch Kenelis this Fri at the Barfly.

I've been a total arsehole in that I was meant to blog Kenelis at Indigo2 but I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a year and got so bloody pissed that I couldn't remember anything that happened at the gig. I do remember a couple of things actually. I remember thinking the set was too short. I also typed these words into my phone 'we could die any minute' so I can presume that was a high point. And they definitely played Jealous. Also the new Kenelis merch is rather good. I overestimated my size somewhat, but my boyfriend has been wearing the T-shirt.
Mel Sanson is my favourite rock frontwoman after Courtney Love, and that is high praise. I find most female rockers quite disingenuous, but Mel means every word, and I just love watching her every time, especially at Indigo2, which is a fantastic venue (but with overpriced drinks, which is why we turned up so drunk, like 12 year olds). She was belting them out as usual, and as usual was better than the rest of the line up. From what I can remember.
The band did a cover of These boots are made for walking by Moz's old buddy Nancy Sinatra, which you should definitely investigate. Now if only I could remember how to embed videos. What sort of blogger am I!?
My evening ended puking outside Morden tube, which I'm sure is how most evenings end outside Morden tube. I did go round the corner a few steps, at least. Bloody good fun, though.
For my proper review of Kenelis's last gig, see here. Or to see for yourself what they're like, cos they are supporting I Am Giant at the Barfly in Camden this Friday 13th April (not sure why it says July on that page, perhaps they're drunk, too?). I Am Giant might be good too, I'm going to check them out. Kenelis are on stage at 7.50pm and apparently it's going to sell out. I can't make it as I have a date with a rollercoaster (well, a train taking me to one) at 7.20am the next morning. But I'm sure Kenelis will be just as loud as Nemesis. Probably louder.

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