Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Walking Died

The Walking Dead has been so spectacularly shit this season, that I almost don't know where to start. To be fair, after the first couple of episodes of the first series, it began to look a little shaky, but this season has just meandered in circles like a confused zombie locked in that bloody hayloft.
The blame has to lie in the characters, who are all resolutely duff. So duff, we had a competition to try and remember one person's name in it except Rick two episodes ago, and could not. We're still calling the Asian dude Eric. I didn't even know what Rick's wife was called. I still can't name his partner. This is totally unnaceptable after a series and a half. And why don't we know what the characters are called? because we don't give a shit about any of them. Did you really care when redneck dude got shot? No, he has no redeeming features. Do you care about that missing child (will she ever fucking turn up, she's been missing longer than Madeleine McCann). Worse was the saga of Rick's kid getting shot - I don't care! Honestly, I felt like I was giving the little bastard blood myself for all the entertainment he sucked out of the show. I hate the blonde woman with the dead sister beyond words. I hate the old interfering dude more. I quite like Rick's partner but only recently since he did over that fat bloke.
I feel like there's been about three zombies in this whole series. You're literally just sitting there waiting for the zombies and they never come. I'm praying for someone to get their head ripped off. Anyone.
Everyone who lives on that farm is a cunt, especially Dr. Sanctimonious. I'm praying Rick is going to take him out at some point, but by the time it happens, I won't care anymore, because it will probably be season 18. The storylines move so slow, and there's tons of interminable chat where nothing happens, or they practice shooting their guns (shouldn't they be saving ammo?) and you find out nothing new about anyone, nothing to make you care about them, but just pray for them to get killed. Kill them all! The token black guy who cut himself so ridiculously unrealistically on a car (wouldn't he have pulled away?) The shaven headed abused woman. Rick's skinny, annoying wife. Anyone! Just someone die, please.
Annoyingly, there are some little kernels of interesting storylines like the affair, and that black English guy who was in the 1st episode of Season 1. When will he come back? I actually liked him. I kept expecting the guy who has his hand off to turn up but he never did (except in a rubbishy flashback). It feels like they've forgotten to write half the storylines. It's like Lost, which I gave up on a lot sooner.
I was shocked when something actually happened with the affair storyline last week, but it just felt like too little, too late. I don't see how they can pull this series back now. My boyfriend is threatening not to watch it anymore. I think I'm only still watching it cos there's nothing on at the moment (hence why my blog is quiet, but it will pick up, I promise).
The worst episode was when that stupid thing was stuck down the well. That was the ONLY zombie in that episode. There was one funny line in that one, but on the whole, the show is entirely humourless. I don't CARE about anyone! I want to care. Please make me care.
They had a flashback to helicopters going over and the city getting bombed at one point last episode and I thought 'THAT'S the show I want to watch' not a bunch of arseholes in tents moaning about the environment. *insert St Paul's joke here*
Also, why do they keep going back to that chemist with a shopping list? Just take a fucking binbag and clear it out, you idiots. You'll have all the cod liver oil you'll ever need and you won't risk getting your arm ripped off.
And take that fucking Sheriff hat off, Rick, you look like a douche. What sort of person wears their work uniform AFTER the apocalypse? It's INSANE. Ace accent, though. In fact, you're the only good thing in it.


Anonymous said...

Well blame the actors, media and the Holly Wood hype machine for this one. It is hardly the best show on on television and I have got to the point when ever I see in the media raving reviews or the actors "acting" like they are in some grand thespian like character development, I want to slap them up side the head. One has to also wonder about actors in general do they watch their own work? Or are they surrounded by so many people that suck them off because they are in a zombie show they live in "Another World" as the show should be called . The problem with this show is that the people involved actors, writers, producers, don't know what they are doing and have too much going on and are trying TOO hard to be the best show on basic cable. They are trying TOO hard to develop characters and the actors are trying TOO hard to be these characters because this show was over hyped . The should of put more thought into taking a comic book story line while not having to stick to that story and maybe have less writers at the writing table. Too many writers on board for this show and Frank Darabont should of been let go after the second season was completed. It is pretty clear his departure which no one will talk about or AMC will fire them, some one stepped in the cutting room and cut this show up. The last Pretty Much Dead was good but not enough to make up for the mistakes and over hype for this show of course will be curious to see if this show gets on the right track. It is too early for a show with this much hype behind it to have such issues I really don't see this show going past the third season I like the cast don't get me wrong but they either need their bubble popped or they need a pay check because most people anymore can't decide if this is a drama, a horror drama , a zombie show but about people with no zombies or just about people or, a tragic comedy on what NOT to do on a show. Think this shows biggest enemy right now are not the fans who are not happy, the hype that this show set for itself and now can't live up to. Good blog will keep up let us hope the rest of this season proves us wrong.

Anonymous said...

In the start of season 2, the old dude is on top of his Winnebago with binoculars, but somehow the party gets overrun by a pack of zombies ... in broad daylight. Instead of getting into a car and just running back and forth until the undead are just patches of protoplasm on the Interstate *they hide under the cars*. Then the kids run off. Even the characters in _Night of the Living Dead_(1968) were smarter than that.


Anonymous said...

Have you read the original comics / graphic novels? The overall feel of the TV series has remained very faithful to that.

I'd agree that the comics, although very meandering, did have more meaty character development and dialogue so the TV series still has some work to do. There were loads of full on fights and sex scenes in the comic which have been airbrushed out of the TV show.

Anyway, Walking Dead is still one of my favourite shows. Maybe I'm just projecting my love of the comics onto it and seeing what I want to see. That's also why I have no problem with the iconic hat.

lightupvirginmary said...

I haven't read the comics but the second half of this series has been much better than the first. Things are happening! :)