Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Medium: A Eulogy

I've enjoyed Medium since day one, being an avid fan of Patricia Arquette ever since she stared in the best film of all time, True Romance. She's a rare breed; sexy but not threatening, cool, intelligent, and extremely likeable. She's also beautiful with lovely hair, and built like a real woman, which must be difficult to manage in Hollywood.
Medium was always a safe place to go- somehow warm and cosy, despite featuring gruesome murders every week. The safeness was in Allison's family unit, three fantastically-cast daughters, and her cynical-but-caring husband Joe Dubois. It's not too great a leap to say that their (fictional-ish) romantic set-up made me realise what was possible from a relationship- to have a partner who challenges you, but who is also your best friend. I'll miss their chats in bed, even if I do wonder why Allison always sleeps in those bloody pyjamas.
That's not to say I've always approved of Joe; he was casting doubts on Allison's psychic abilities for long after he should have just accepted that SHE IS RIGHT. But on the whole, their relationship was a thing of wonder and warmth, and I always envied it. They spoke to each other like real people do. The acting by all involved was excellent, but especially by the children, considering I can't stand children usually. Bridget is just like a mini adult.
I think it must be quite difficult to strike a balance with a drama about ghosts to not go too schlocky, but I think Medium managed it. That's not to say it didn't have it's quirky (OK, bonkers) moments. But on the whole, the ghosts were the least most important thing. I didn't even mind that most of the time you could guess what was going to happen at the end. I liked seeing her wake up again and again and again. I knew where I was with things then. Plus it's cool that the main character is female, and her husband just has to rub along with her life.
I remember thinking in the early days that Allison might have a bunk up with Lee Scanlon, the hunky detective, but she never did. I wasn't sure about his missus at first either, but apparently they're a good match (see the last series for confirmation). I will miss him. I will miss Devalos, too- even though he was an old cynic for way too long, as well. But mostly I'll miss Allison. She was one of the most realistic people on TV- even though I don't even believe in psychics! She was just cool and kind, and I would have liked her as a friend.
OK, so the last episode was a bit rubbish (I won't spoil it). But at least the series didn't get cancelled before they got to write one.
If you have a suggestion for something to fill the Medium-shaped hole, something warm and safe and predictable, but with a good heart, just let me know. Until then, I'll be watching Misfits (also ace).
Night, Allison. At least you can get a good night's kip, now.


Ossian said...

I believe Ghost Whisperer is the lifeboat for everyone lost overboard the good ship Medium. It has the missus mesmerised at least as much as medium had and it seems to be on Living channel nearly every night.

how to get rid of pimples said...

Allison I miss her too.