Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Model Agency

Not had enough of tyrannical cunts at work? Then why not watch The Model Agency.
Oh, model agencies. Full of arsehole men and women and reedy girls. I've seen it a million times before. I've seen a show really similar to this on C4 on Sunday mornings, reasonably recently, I'm sure of it. In fact, I think that's the same woman who was on it.
Why are all the model scouts so fugly? They seem like they're all cut from the same cloth; hard-faced and ruthless. LOL to that bloke reading a book and texting whilst someone is trying to talk to him, what an arsehole.
To be a model you have to look like you've 'come from another planet'. I can look like I've come from another planet if it's early in the morning, or I've been up late enough. Still don't think they'd book me. I think what they really mean if you have to look like emaciated and have un unnaturally large gap between your eyes.
Perhaps I would give more of a shit about this India storyline if we'd ever met her or seen her. As it is, I don't fucking blame her for wanting out, especially if someone called her fat when she's built like a chopstick.
Lol to the disgust at someone being 'a full C cup'. Heavens.
'I just want to stop all the pressure on India by ringing and texting her constantly until she forgets school and comes back to work as a model!' Fuck me.
Ah, here's India, part-Lily Cole, face like a satellite dish, and not knowing what she wants to do. Imagine being able to turn a 'dream' job down on a whim. I smell money. Sad when you think of all the girl's starving themselves to achieve that throwaway dream. But still, I don't blame her.
Why is this model scout such a crybaby?! STFU already. Stop acting like you care about this girl, you don't! You're pressurising her. RESPECT HER DECISION. No means no, you learn that when you're about three years old.
I dont think I can face this again, it's too vapid, but with no humour.
NB. Here's how you use a Flip camera. Press the red button, dumbass.

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