Sunday, 11 April 2010

Quiz show: Pointless

This blog is live from Brighton, home of chavs, drunks, gay men galore, and now, me. My internet is connected, but my BT Vision is not, despite various calls. Thank god for catch-ups online. And thanks to you for bearing with me.
I started doing a blog on Sharon Osbourne's comedy roast but halfway through my internet connection packed up and I saw it as a sign. There's only so many ways you can insult Keith Lemon.
I am rather obsessed with quiz shows; I'll watch any old crap, from the honed genius of Deal or No Deal, to the proud idiocy of Family Fortunes. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire can be watched any time, any place. Perfect Recall requires a cardigan to cover the answers if you're a real smart arse, as my friends are. But you get the idea.
So; Pointless. A glorious gem, inexplicably on at the same time as Deal, (the greatest quiz show of all time- despite it having no questions. No questions! Noel may have mentioned it) but well worth seeking out. Presented by Alexander Armstrong, or as you'll know him, PIMMS man! You actually forget about the Pimms advert after a while, which I wouldn't have thought possible. God knows how they got him to present this, but it's great, because he's brilliant at it. He is backed up by his glamorous assistant, Richard Osman, who does a 'dictionary corner' type role, and is a fantastic know-it-all. The relationship between the two of them is good fun.
The contestants come in pairs, and are brilliantly geeky (who can forget the gay heavy metal guys?). The show's premise is that it's a 'brainy family fortunes' so they will give you a question like 'Countries beginning with A' and instead of saying America or Australia, you have to guess the answer than NO ONE said, so Armenia or something would be a low scorer. To win the jackpot at the end you have to think of a totally pointless answer. The other day the final question was Oasis top ten hits and I got the pointless answer of 'Sunday Morning Call.' I always like the ones Noel sings on *smug*.
This year they did dumb it down a bit from last year, because in the second round they give you possible answers, which is RUBBISH unless the question is impossibly hard, and about flags or constellations (I've seen both).
All in all though, it's great fun, expertly presented, and the jackpot is so pathetically small it makes you wonder why anyone bothered.
Watch Pointless so they don't cancel it; it's the best thing on TV. Which says a lot about other things on TV, but more about Pointless- it's cool.

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