Sunday, 25 April 2010

Britian's Got Talent (and Morons)

Why is Britain's Got Talent so popular? It's useless! Ant and Dec are way past their sell by day, modelling the looks of Hitler and and an advert for hair restoration respectively. Angela Holden is insipid, cloying, dull. Piers Morgan is pompous, grating, dull. Even Simon looks like he's just faxing himself in. It's probably a lookalike up there.
And this is before we get to the 'contestants', an assortment of the mentally ill, people with sob stories, a small smattering of aminal cruelty, and the occasional cutesy person we're meant to care about because they can hold a note. It is actually almost unbearable to watch.
It's like being stuck in a lift with someone showing you a tedious party trick over and over for an hour, whilst you bash at the doors, begging for escape.
The human money box dude was mildly diverting but it was obviously just flim flam. We could get Piers to swallow a billiard ball, it might stop all the utter bilge coming out of his mouth.
I liked the dog in the pink headband playing the guitar. I think that dog is going home via the RSPCA kennels (or a deep river).
I hope Ant and Dec had to clean up that horse poo poo. What else? Gymnasts. Nervous opera guy. A baying mob. The viewing figures for this show tell a frightening story about the intelligence level in this country. Yes, I am calling you an idiot if you sit and enjoy this show. It's like sitting in McDonalds and enjoying watching a pair of grubby children squabbling over a happy meal toy. Cheap entertainment.

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