Monday, 16 February 2009

Morrissey on The One Show (I Could Do Both)

I was wondering what to blog about and then this phantasmagorical funk-phenomena lands in my lap. I heard a rumour Mogs was going to be on The One Show last week and said, 'I'll believe it when I see it.' Well now I see it. And it's disturbing!
My cunting freeview missed off the very start of it, but I saw him saying something; anyone know what?
It makes me curious that Morrissey obviously refused to be interviewed by JRo, yet will sit on a couch looking like wants to die talking about unemployment with Adrian Chiles! Did I just write those words? Did someone spike my drink? What the fuck is going on?
The woman presenter (I won't look it up) did NOT know how to handle old Mozzy at all! He wasn't playing her inane game, and she didn't like it! His comment about unemployment: 'I never wanted a job.' Don't they know shit about him? Her saying 'do you have a responsibility to your fans?' and him saying 'no.' I loved him not agreeing with her. His solution to unemployment; paint! Hurrah.
The clips bit was quite good, and people saying nice things about him. I wish they'd asked him for a comment on David Cameron giving him love. Jeremy Vine quoting Every Day is Like Sunday! *washes out ears*
His comment on making videos was interesting, he has very little input and the director just decides. Is that how November Spawned a Monster happened, Moz? Did you not get a little concerned when the hat or the bar of chocolate were brought out?
I agree that he is open and not mysterious; he has always been very honest with his fans through his music.
Good things about this interview: Morrissey saying 'it hasn't.' Morrissey saying 'fascinating'. Morrissey saying 'many, many times.' He loves that stuff! I also liked him saying he 'never had the Manchester accent which was unfortunate.' then laughing.
At the end some freak came on to talk about some old nonsense or other. These in-between clips in the show were the Eastenders equivelent of some great drama occuring in the Queen Vic and then repeatedly cutting to some old rubbish about Big Mo trying to flog some dodgy watches. Morrissey's bemused face at the science guy's utter tosh was a picture. I think he crushed him for life.
Loved his comment about the baby: 'He's very advanced for his years.'
A little birdie told me that he only went on this show because his mum likes it. What next, Dancing on Ice? 8 out of 10 cats? Is he gonna do the coat of cash on The Sunday Night Project? Save us from the flames, Mozzer.
But you know I am still there for life. You know we all are. You bugger!
(PS: I thought Jro (briefly) handled Morrissey beautifully this week, and very much enjoyed the Radio 2 gig despite Best Friend on The Payroll? Oh Morrissey. What next? Papa Jack?)


Anonymous said...

Papa Jack rocks!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for Loose Women.

My Mum was laughing her head of because that stupid women did not know what to say ahahaaa.

lightupvirginmary said...

Oh my god, Loose Women!!! Dont give him ideas...!

ps. I know who you are, anonymous!

Chris Stokes said...

It all started with Adrian Chiles making a fool out of himself saying hello to Morrissey's mum.

Adrian: Hello Mrs Morrissey!

Moz: No, she's not Mrs, she's Ms.

Adrian: Hello Ms Morrissey!

Moz: She's not Morrissey, she's not married.

Did you see that bit? Had me in stitches!

lightupvirginmary said...

Oh my god, I can't believe I msised that bit, that sounds liek the best bit! *runs to Iplayer* :-)