Monday, 9 February 2009

Dan Savage: Savage Love

I've been meaning to blog about this for AGES now, but I haven't had a dry spell for a while. Well here is said dry-spell.
I have been extolling the virtues of Dan Savage to all my friends since I first happened upon him; the last good thing Morrissey-Solo did for me before it stabbed me in the fucking back was link me up with Dan. He came into my life at JUST the right time, in the deathly quiet of Sachs-gate, when I missed Russell Brand's radio show so much; I needed something else frivolous to obsess about instead. And it came in the form of truly-brilliant gay sex columnist Dan Savage.
I have no idea how popular Dan Savage is in America, but his column is syndicated across various alternative newspapers, I think. I'd like to know more! I wish I'd grow up reading that stuff; yet at the same time I don't. I have learnt some things I probably didn't want to... but most things i'm glad I did. At first it was just like 'this is a freak show' but he has actually really opened my eyes about a lot of things. I'm definitely less judgemental since reading his column and I have had LOADS of good discussions from different topics on his page and in his podcast. I don't agree with 100% of what he says, but I like the way he says it. He feels like a wise old friend and I trust his opinion.
First came Dan's column, Savage Love. The archives go back for YEARS! I am currently on 2003, and dreading hitting the end; I can't tell you how much reading his advice has kept me sane at work when I've been going out of my mind with stress. Five minutes reading about pissing, dog fucking or pegging and I just feel happy again (!) I love the way he talks to people, he is so straight down the line, and it's just as far from the usual advice you get off fucking Dear Deirdre, or Bel Mooney it's unreal. It's really entertaining, and intelligent.
Then Dan filled the void in my ears with his 100+ podcasts. I've been listening backwards and am currently on 21, so I'm definitely running out. I'm sad! I love listening to him telling people to fuck off, or to stop being an arsehole. He sounds and looks exactly as I imagined him too, as well, which is weird.
As well as dishing out great sex advice, he also is a serious advocate for gay marriage. I don't think I really fully understood that gay marriage is a civil rights issue before I listened to Dan; I rather naively thought, 'why do gay people want to get married anyway?' which was a bit idiotic of me. Dan and his boyfriend also have been together many years and now have a teenage son, and when I hear all this fucking bullshit about gay adoption; it makes me so angry that any idiot can breed or get married, yet he can't, or gets judged for it, because of stupid America (and stupid Britain aint much better).
But yeah. I HIGHLY recommend some Savage Love. It's totally GGG.

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