Sunday, 9 July 2017

Big Brother UK 2017: Checking the cheese

Sorry no blogs for a bit, it's been a busy old week. Behind on life in general.
I don't like this cunty side of Chanelle. I agree Simone is a mess, but Chanelle should rise above it, not lie down with the dogs.
I actually agree with Charlotte that if you're a nice person, you don't have to tell everyone, but the fact Charlotte mentions 'grabbing her popcorn' says it all. She's merely a spectator in the house. No wonder Simone forgets her name.
Sue and Simone are both total drama queens. The amount of airtime they're getting is annoying.
Stop saying 'don't come for me', Chanelle. You're not Sukhvinder.
Queen task. The public chose Chanelle, Ellie and Deborah to take part in a pageant. Hannah didn't look too happy. Aw, I feel sorry for Hannah! Why would people choose Ellie!? Argh. People don't really like Ellie... do they?
Chanelle saves her farts up and does one a day so the toxins don't go up into the 'oxone layer.' Considerate. Sam is always trying to annoy her!
Chanelle's Manchester song was quite good, wasn't it?! Sort of. God, this episode is hard to blog. This task is boring.
I like how bitter Chanelle is about the whole thing and Ellie getting a higher score than her.
Simone stacked it.
I'm glad Deborah was crowned queen. Chanelle stealing the crown was funny, though. Who coughed 'airtime'? Haha.
Chanelle is being such a diva today. Sue gave the word 'confident' four vowels. I'm sooooo tired of Sue.
Aw I love the facy that Deborah is getting loads of confidence this week. It's nice to see her with a twinkle in her eye.
Ooh, Simone can hear Chanelle slating her through the wall. Simone's garden is worth more than 15 grand. What's in it? Gold gnomes? A magic money tree?
Chanelle looks like she's had extra botox in the house. These days, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually had. I do agree that Simone is playing the victim, but Chanelle is kind of feeding into it. Simone is filth and is trying to get Chanelle to punch her. Even Sue could see it. Chanelle needs to be smart especially as she's on her 'final warning'.
Hannah is comforting Simone for 'ending up in prison.' Didn't they used to not be allowed in with criminal records? Hannah is being good with her. Simone is simply storylining as far as I'm concerned. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever, even though I did feel a little bit sorry for her last night when Isabelle and Chanelle went past her snickering.
Simone is sticking a slice of bread up her bum. Not sure why. 'I didn't ask for the bread with Nutella on it.' Ick.
Raph would not date anyone in the house... aw. Poor loopy Andrew is denied again. He'll still be begging him for hugs later, no doubt.
Sam and Kieran kissing is the least sexy thing on the planet. It's induced lesbianism in me. Sam considers that 'pulling' Kieran. Mind the STDs.
Why is Chanelle so mad about Sue, admittedly talking shit, to Simone? It's got nothing to do with her!
Simone is still saying she didn't hide the bottles. Who gives a fuck about the bottles. I'm just waiting for Big Brother to show it on the screen.
Simone is attention seeking in the hot tub. Ellie is 'checking the cheese' in the store room, ie. snogging jug-eared ignoramus Sam. I love the fact Hannah comes in and checks the tumble dryer, she doesn't just leave them alone! 
Simone is a disgrace and a drunk mess. Someone needs to keep an eye on her. I don't trust the producers to do it.
Andrew: 'It must be hard being so drunk.' Simone walks straight into it. I'm amazed she hasn't been thrown out yet.
I love Hannah trying to save the situation. Simone: 'You're looking at me like I'm a fucking dog' to Andrew. Weeeeeeellll. What is Simone eating? Pineapple.
Simone is always making shit up people say and denying what she has said herself.
Andrew is having a hissy fit. 'She's a dirty person, nah nah nah, she is dangerous, she's fucking vile, I don't like it.' Andrew is mental! He started that, Simone was walking away!
Simone: 'He tried to take the piss out of me because I'm drunk, it's his own fault.' She's kind of right. But also... she is a worry. She is an accident waiting to happen, and Big Brother knows it, and is exploiting her. I don't think I like it either.
Ooh, we did a podcast today! Hopefully a BB19 one coming soon!

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