Monday, 31 August 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: So Farrah, so good

Woah! Who'd have thought it would kick off so quickly? It's only been on four days and we've been driven to do two podcasts because there's been so many good one liners and crazy behaviour (see Austin's ballbags for more details).
Judging by the highlights it looks like anyone could get thrown out at any minute. How they made the daytime version last the same amount of time is anyone's guess as they have to cut so much out. We watched the PG version today and it was so crap! Couldn't they just blur out Austin's bits?
Bum wars! The Americans are stir fucking crazy. I love it. The UK housemates are dry as fuck.
Oh no, Farrah is ruining the 'bromance' by calling James out on his and Austin's flirting. Don't ruin it! 'Slip and slide with your sexuality' - or 'open' as we like to call it. Why doesn't she put a sock in it? Why so angry?
Ha, James is ratting to Austin about what Farrah said. I'm sure Austin will take this well. *hides from the fallout*
Farrah acting innocent! Jenna: 'James is going to chew our bootys out.' Thanks for that image. Oh God, Janice is going to sort it out. Brilliant. She's the 'ambassador of good relations'. Who appointed her that?
Janice: 'You're not the queen of reality, I am.'
Farrah on James and Austin: 'They were in their underwear, talking about fucking each other.' I wish! Is she a homophobe? Is Natasha even asleep? How could you sleep through that argument? Fatman Scoop: 'What is this argument even about?' Nothing!
Austin: 'Your fake ass, your fake tits... the doctor gave half of that to you.' Hah!
I think Farrah was insinuating James' sexuality was fluid, not that he wanted to fuck Austin up the arse, but at this point, I don't think it matters.
Bobby: 'Let's sort our problems out like sane, nice people.' Good luck with that.
Austin: 'Just because you got pregnant underage!' His neck vein is going!
Farrah: 'Quit acting like a bitch. You're a disgrace to humanity.' Austin then called to the DR. She was being just as bad as him. She's ROTTEN! Fun ruining cow. I was enjoying the homo erotica.
Austin in the DR: 'Everyone in America hates her.' Especially her mum. And now the whole of the UK.
Jenna, James did not instigate that. Let's get that straight, no pun intended. Farrah is a mental case. She hates everyone and everything.
Daniel is now needling Austin about sleeping with James! Boo! Spoilsports. Now Jenna is saying James needs to watch Austin. James wasn't uncomfortable with Austin!!! He was loving the attention! It's all you American bitches who have made a big deal about this crap. He is NOT drumming up the drama, FARRAH IS! I hate this, their little flirtmance was cute.
Farrah and Austin then made up, but let's face it, that won't last.
OMG Stevi's pants. WHY?
Hot tub times! Why is Natasha stirring it about how Chloe should be jealous, there's two blokes in there! She's a fucking wooden spoon, too. Why is Gail saying it, as well? Stooopid. What's wrong with these people, it's like neighbourhood watch in there. Keep your nose out!
God, are Stevi and Chloe not allowed to be apart for ten minutes? Embarrassing. Well done, Natasha, you poured the poison in very successfully. Don't worry, Chloe, I don't think Jenna was after Stevi, somehow. Just a hunch.
Uh oh, hot water gate. I like the way Janice orders everyone around. If everyone puts up with it, that's their problem. Janice, you should bathe with others on CBB. It's more economical (and sexual, lol).
Ha, why is Gail cleaning the bath! She's a proper doormat - she's like going for the Jermaine Jackson/ Frankie Dettori pussyhole award.
Austin: 'Janice, please be quiet and fuck off.' LOL. Janice: 'Gail's not your servant' - ie. she's mine. OMG DID Janice spit at him? If so, get her out, that's gross. Dennis must be watching, agog.
Ok, I'm done with Jenna, she's just starting on Davro for no reason. She's just a stirrer. I'm not down with that. Just stop getting involved in every argument every five minutes!
So Janice jumps the queue to the diary room after spitting at someone?! Oh, she just 'made the motion' of spitting. UGH. Spitting is gross. Someone spat on me at school once cos I was cooler than them and they were jealous, it's vile.
Gail needs to woman up, she's too soft. No one wants another H from Steps in the house. You're Scottish, show some balls!
Now Jenna is going on at Janice as Janice is trying to get to bed. Why doesn't Jenna just STFU? Stop picking on the old lady. Haha, I'm such a flip flopper.
Is Janice taking vitamins or sleeping pills? Who knows?
OK, so Austin is saying Janice DID spit in his face! So what's Big Brother going to do? Fuck all, of course, because they don't want to lose the star of the show.
Janice is looking pretty ropey in the DR. A formal warning! What! People have been kicked out for that in the past! It's a fucking joke! I would be so uneasy in the house with her after that.
Honestly, they decide on the rules on a case by case basis. Helen Wood, you're all good. Aaron Frew, fuck you. Seriously, are you telling me what Aaron did was worse than Janice SPITTING? Even if she didn't spit ON him, even spitting in someone's direction (or pretending to) is revolting and highly offensive.
Hey though, on the bright side, what a brilliant episode! It's hard to know who to get behind because everyone is either a complete cunt or an utter wimp. What a great start to the series! They should have at least five American housemates every year. Normally there's one or two clear early boots. Here it could be anyone, everyone's so horrible. I love Austin, though! I just like the way he goes nuts all the time. None of them have ANY filter. It's insane. I have a feeling there's going to be a LOT to say this year!
Oh yeah, check out my podcast for more #cbb and #bb17 antics: We did a UK one last night but couldn't do #bb17 as we didn't know who had gone back in the house. Needless to say, I was VERY pleased with the result! Whoop.

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