Friday, 29 August 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Redux: Throw me under the Busey

Welcome! It's been a great week for arseholery in the Big Brother house. I read today someone saying 'Why should everyone be judged on how they treat Gary in the house? Can't we concentrate on their other characteristics?' And the answer is: no. Because it tells you all you need to know about someone's character how they treat an old disabled man. I'm not saying Gary is easy to live with. I think Gary is grumpy and self-centred (as well as brilliantly funny and mesmerising). However, when you're shouting at an old man so much your veins are popping out in your neck, or saying an old man is a bad role model for burping when you and your braindead cronies fuck on TV for money, then you make it my problem. Then I'm judging ALL of you, including those just sitting there, saying nothing. Especially you! And how does cheeky Gogglebox George 'aw isn't he sweet?' get away with nominating Gary for being deaf? Audley's nomination of Kellie WAS discrimination. George's nomination of Gary WAS discrimination. Let's not be shy in calling a spade a spade. This is before we even get into James and the way he treats Gary, and the fact that despite constantly condescending him, treating him like he's two and telling him off, James is actually Gary's best friend in the house. I think Gary actually LIKES James. I don't know why, either.
Just a couple of hours of live feed (with adverts) showed you all you needed to know about these contestants, and they are rotten. They only people who didn't nominate Gary are Frenchy and Claire. Bewitched and Dee pretend they're peacemakers, whilst snipping at Gary at the same time. Meanwhile, despite burping, shhing people, interrupting and apparently, stinking, Gary comes across as the most pleasant, forgiving and loyal person in the house. His one liners are bordering on genius. Just looking at him in the background of a scene is more interesting than a whole conversation between Ricci, Lauren, Claire, Dee... should I go on?
Onto tonight's show! George is brave telling James he comes across condescending. James as usual doesn't listen.
I liked James saying to Kellie she shouldn't leave because of Audley. Kellie is such a drama queen. But Kellie has every right to be annoyed about being nominated because she's trangender. 'Audley tolerates me, he doesn't accept me.' I think that's true, you know. I liked Kellie saying, 'you should have talked to me m... woman to man.' That's not an expression people use, is it, 'man to woman'. Men talk to each other MAN TO MAN. Women aren't involved in those chats.
Kellie makes a good point about if she'd said something about Audley being black, or Leslie being gay. But you know what, I think they put Audley in there to set him up for a fall. I think he's dealing with it the best he can. I do believe him when he says 'I'm on your side' to Kellie. He seems like a nice guy, really.
It was brave of Audley to say 'everything I've grown up with I've had to reject.' It takes a lot to admit that everything you've always thought is wrong, but it makes you a better person on the other side of it.
Bless Gary saying he's going to change his ways to George. Doesn't he say that every day though?! Haha! Stay just as you are, Gary. Why does he have to change, but no one else does! He's fine the way he is.
Leslie moaning about being hungry; how did David cope in there! David; remember him? Me either.
Gary is having a laugh with Bewitched. Never washed up! Pull the other one.
Stephanie, you ARE gonna look mean because of the Gary stuff. Because you ARE mean!
Frenchy saying 'shut up bitches' to the booing crowd is class. Ha to the shock of Leslie and Kellie getting booed. Gary's got his sunglasses on. So's Audley. 'Get Kellie out'. Lovely. Kick a girl while she's down!
George is safe 'in no particular order' ie. Gary was saved first. Gary and Audley also safe. Those sunglasses must be deflecting the eviction.
Stephanie: 'Audley told me I need to keep my temper down.' Dee: 'No you don't.' Then Dee has a massive go at him for touching the pizza 'because of Stephanie.' No, because you're Vinnie Jones/ Pauline.
Gary cleaning the kitchen top was cute, if it wasn't for the others all taking the piss out of him as he did it. George gets right on my wick now. 'Doesn't have time' to talk to Gary. He's not even a smoker. (Chris joke there).
Gary and Frenchy - 'I'm a French pussycat.' Meow! Shades of George Galloway here. Frenchy actually talks to him like a fellow human. It's lovely to see.
Oh George, Stephanie isn't going to go out with you. You're not going to get past Spencer. You're not even going to get past your own mum and dad, and your mum's usual response to things is 'aww, isn't she lovely?'
They are trying to show Stephanie 'having fun' dressing up to save her, I guess. George ogling her and then saying: 'Can I have a hessian sack and a cable tie?' Is that a rape joke! Dear Lord. What a loveable cheeky chappie, hey?
Oh, Kellie, stop moaning! You're getting on my nerves. 'Everyone can nominate me'. You're not allowed to say that, are you?
Did you see Stephanie and George staring into each other's eyes when they were waiting for the announcement? It almost looked like the look of love... could believe it if she wasn't a Pratt. She's shrewd!
Leslie got the chop! 'I'm evicted?' Haha, he couldn't believe it. His little bottom lip went out and everything. You GOTTA GO, Leslie! No deciding who's in the final for you. Well unless you vote from home. or the Travelodge. That's warmed my heart, actually. The power housemate twist strikes again! It's always the way. This is a good result.
Leslie is going to take things on board. That's good to know. His clips of him throwing a strop were brilliant! He did have the good grace to look appalled. I think we saw the best/worst of Leslie in those few days.
Emma needs to correct Leslie, he was voted most entertaining BEFORE he started acting the goat.
At least Leslie said he was sorry about Gary, even if he did caveat it with a few things.
Fuck me, Emma actually mentioned the live feed. Astonishing.
No podcast tonight, btw, for those who listen, hopefully it will be this weekend  as Mr. Bile is working. I haven't even see the last two BBUS so I'm really twitching. No spoilers please!
Oh well, off to the scrapheap for you, Leslie. That tenner I put on Gary at 10/1 is looking sweeter every day. Meow! =^‥^=

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