Thursday, 4 March 2010

TV: My daughter grew another head and other true life stories

A TV show about Take a Break and it's ilk! Lols. True life stories are amazing! I'm definitely going to start reading those magazines (that you normally only read in doctor's waiting rooms) when I get too old for Heat.
Why is Robert Webb narrating this? I wonder how much he gets paid for this bullshit? Ah, who cares. I got a true life story submitted to Just 17 about having a threesome and I MADE IT UP! They quizzed me over the phone. I think I got about £50 and they changed my name.
The worst thing about those true life stories is how badly they're written. They are painful to read, no matter how creatively bizarre the titles.
The titles of the magazines are good though; Pick Me Up and Love It sound like porn mags.
There were too many zany titles and not enough in depth interviews with people on this show. The titles are good but I wanted to know more! I ran over my fiance... I snogged a swan... but oh, the writing. My blood DOES run cold. These people call themselves journalists? It makes me weep. Oh they make stuff up? How don't say.
How DO you snog a swan?! Swans are vicious.
The guy who's friend was a cannibal seemed to think it was highly amusing! LOL, my m8 ate sum1! Ho ho.
I don't think the 'old people looking at magazines and passing judgement' device really worked in this show. I'd rather hear more from the actual people.
Someone felt unfairly treated by a journalist! Join the queue behind Morrissey and Alex Reid.
This show didn't miss one trick, but several. It promised a lot and didn't give us as much as the title suggested. JUST LIKE THOSE MAGAZINES. There's a lesson here.

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