Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Reality: Celebrity Four Weddings

'Celebrity Four Weddings'- it doesn't trip off the tongue, does it? I prefer 'Four Celebrity Weddings' or 'blatant cash in' but what do I know. The format is like Come Dine With Me, there's one wedding per show, with ratings from the others (romantic, right?)
I only watched this because I wanted to see Pete 'Wankers' Bennett's Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Instead I got:
Him out of East 17. Not not him. No, not him, either. Not even him?! Terry, apparently. Come back Brian, all is forgiven. The handbrake's on, and I don't think we need anything from the all night garage. Just sit down.
AND. One of those leechy gay blokes who is always in Jordan's show (like Colin and Justin minus the charisma and CV) but not her make-up artist with the dodgy highlights, the one who looks like a Who from Whoville. They are 'renewing their vows'. It's not been legal THAT long, boys.
And some squeaky american woman with a toyboy (I missed her name, and it wasn't worth rewinding).
And finally, Nicola Maclean, who didn't want a WAG wedding (it's funny how WAGS always talk about other WAGS as this faceless mass, but there's never one who admits they're one of them), and who apparently thinks calling herself 'straight-talking' gives her a get out clause for being a charmless arsehole.
Today's show covered Nicola's wedding. She looked like Barbie. When the vicar asked that 'anyone got any objections bit' someone shouted out 'what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas' and she laughed. If someone shouted something like that at my wedding, I'd get them slung out. Plus, I'd reserve judgement until you see the mobile phone clips, Nic.
Nice venue and lovely weather, though. Oh and Dane Bowers sang. What more could you want?
Haha in her wedding speech she said 'I love you a million, trillion percent!' Is she after Randy's job on American Idol? The moronic groom said something about 'give and take' *henpecked*.
I kind of liked Terry from East 17. He was just the right mix of common and funny.
Jordan's pointy/pointless little friend was cruel about the venue, it was beautiful. Nicola's dress was a little fussy, but it was pretty, too.
I might watch another one of these, if I get the chance, as I need the light relief. The last televised wedding I watched before this one was Jade's. And we all know how that ended.


Anonymous said...

Do you watch American Idol?
If you do it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts about this season, etc.

lightupvirginmary said...

yeah I do... I'll blog it this week. :)