Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Soap Awards 2014

Well, it can't be any worse than the Brit Awards, right?!
So I have been a bit of a failed soap watcher for the past year, but have pulled it back together in recent months. I managed to get 60 episodes behind with Corrie, and solved this by nuking everything following Hayley dying, which was liberating. I hadn't watched Eastenders in two or three years, since it started to insult my intelligence, but was lured back by Danny Dyer, and am now watching regularly again. This is the extent of my soap watching; Emmerdale is for mums, Hollyoaks for kids and Doctors (not even a soap, really) for the unemployed. I will never take up a new soap; the current ones are enough trouble, especially when there are more exciting things to watch. And with that attitude in mind, I'll take you through tonight's Soap Awards!
Weird to see Ken Barlow back in action. Somehow weirder to see Danny Dyer hanging out with this 'orrible mob.
Here are some awards I'd give out: Best Grief Scream - Peter Beale, Character I'd like to see die next - Mary from Corrie, Most Unrealistic Personality Transplant - a tie between Tina and Maria in Corrie. What are the writers on? Character I'd most like to see back - Syed in Eastenders/ Becky in Corrie.
Les Dennis could be enough to stop me watching Corrie; I've not seen him in it yet, thank God but I feel like I'm looking for my excuse to stop. The only character I truly love is Carla, and what they've done to her character is sad. It's not for Carla living in that poky flat, getting pregnant and crying over Peter. Carla is hardcore! I hope she gets her edge back soon. I miss her flock wallpaper and jet black hair. I don't know how one woman could fancy Peter, let alone two like Carla and Tina.
Another male rape in Hollyoaks?! That's like their stock in trade. Gary Lucy's probably still having flashbacks.
Hayley's death was well done, and genuinely upsetting, as was Lucy's death in Eastenders, even though Lucy herself was wholly unlikeable. Who knew Ian and Peter could act? Not me. Ha, Peter looked genuinely huffy when Hayley's death won best episode.
What sort of category is 'most spectacular scene of the year'? And why aren't Nick and David Platt at the awards? Ooh the Hollyoaks blast looked good! My boyfriend has been watching Hollyoaks on the sly, claiming 'it was on at work' and then having in depth knowledge of various characters. It's like when I found out he knew too much about Star Trek; unacceptable.
WTF is going on in Doctors? Is someone having a hallucinogenic Jane Austen-inspired trip?! It's like when Bobbi came out of the fridge in Home and Away. Danny Dyer's scene where his son came out was actually really good and moving. I cried. I cry at most things on telly though. I cried for about a month when Hayley was dying.
Why isn't Danny Dyer up for best newcomer? I like his daughter, but his wife gets on my wick. Why is Charlie Stubbs in Emmerdale? Why is Doctor Ferreira in Corrie? Why is Kathy Beale in Hollyoaks? It's like soap musical chairs. I can't keep up.
When Martin Kemp and Pippy Schofield are on stage together it's like the first stages of a Just for Men advert.
Peter Barlow's coat that looks like the Google incognito window dude should be up for some sort of award, I feel. I don't even know who some of those villains of the year were, even in Eastenders. I turn my back for a minute... oh the loan shark from Corrie is now a baddie in Hollyoaks. He is kind of scary, that guy, but he's no Jez Quigley, ha. Ooh, Hollyoaks won one. Their theme tune is so bugging.
Tina from Corrie (as opposed to Tina from Eastenders) should always win sexiest female because she's beautiful. It's just a shame they made her character so duff before they wrote her out. They always do that; ruin a good character with a crappy storyline. Side note: Mark Wright's hair looks absolutely ridiculous.
Oh dear, I'm losing focus here a bit. Jim McDonald just picked up an award for Steve. Ah, Roy just won best dramatic performance. I missed all the part about how Roy coped after Hayley died, but my mum reliably informed he 'he seemed to get over it in two weeks.' My mum informed me about all the 60 episodes I deleted - and some of the same stories were still droning on when I came back after I ditched those three months. I liked Roy's acceptance speech. It was funny and heartfelt.
What is Joey Essex wearing? I'd really love it if I never had to see Joey Essex on my TV ever again. You know, I'm not wishing a Jade Goody demise on him, just a Jo O' Meara type vanishing act will do me fine, ta.
Ha, Richard Hillman has come to give Gail Platt an award for outstanding achievement. They should have played The Wannadies when he walked on. Wow, she's been in it 40 years. I like what she's wearing, she looks nice.
Sexiest male... there's no one I really fancy in soap anymore. Syed was my last top pick. I don't even fancy Danny Dyer as much as I used to cos his face has gone a bit puffy and I don't like his styling that much in Eastenders (another wearer of the standard issue Google incognito coat). I do LOVE Danny Dyer however. I think he's wonderful in every way, you slippery little mugs. Aw, Danny didn't win! Will he win anything?! Who the fuck are you people!?
Ok, running out of steam now. Let's find out which soap is the best and get on with our lives. I think I already know anyway. WTF, did Hollyoaks really just win?! Hilarity. Maybe my boyfriend was right after all.What next, Doctors up for a BAFTA?
Danny! You woz robbed.  I still love ya, treacle.

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