Sunday, 17 July 2011

Born to Shine

I'll confess upfront, I work in the charity sector, and I have a lot of friends who work for Save the Children, so I'll comment in my usual style, but with one eye on the fact that a lot of people I know has been working their ARSES off on this show. And it is a massive achievement for Save the Children to get a show like this. And Save the Children does amazing work. There's my disclaimer, now let me slag a few things off.
They aren't really mentioning Save the Children too much, but I think it's because they want to draw you in with the dazzle and then sneak up on you with the charity stuff (at the end, I reckon).
My boyfriend can't get over Natasha Kaplinsky's hair. It is rather gravity defying. She looks like she's wrapped up in a bit of old curtain. I went to school with Michael Underwood, and even then he was desperate to get on TV, he was always on kid's TV shows and lording it. We used to take the mickey out of him. But look at him now. Still a cunt.
Jason Gardiner should have stayed bald. My boyfriend just said 'who is that plastic moron?'. I think I fancy Kimberley Walsh a bit. She's so lovely. I want to give her a cuddle.
Who is this Jodie person? I have no clue. Is she off Over the Rainbow? OMG this could be a classic TV moment, this is hilarious. That was hot with embarrassment. To give her credit, she did well to rap that bit so fast! It is actually really hard to rap that fast; I learnt that doing Without Me on karaoke. Boyfriend quotes Eminem: 'bleed bitch, bleed'. Bit harsh.
Nick Moran must be on his uppers. Look at him cackling at his own joke. I didn't know he was in Harry Potter. If only it was Danny Dyer. FUCK ABAHT!
Ah, he did a comedy intro. Should have done 'Oh, when the Saints...' He did it bad because of 'the television environment'. Good excuse. Ah,no Joe Swash this week. Sucky.
What's the point in Jason Gardiner if he's not being bitchy? I saw him once, in Willesden Green, dragging a suitcase along. But I liked him more then because he was in the UK Queen Eye for the Straight Guy and he was nice back then. He'll be nice or nasty, depends how much you pay him. He's clearly on orders to be nice tonight.
Well, I'd imagine Jodie has walked.
Save the Children advert! Product placement. Worthwhile product though... children being alive.
Wow, Diversity are ace! I love Ashley Banjo. The little kid is the shit as well, he must feel like the coolest kid on earth. They are pretty smooth, I liked the snake bit.
Finally, we get to the heart of the matter! Save the Children has not been mentioned nearly enough in this show. I like Paul O Grady, he keeps it real, he's a good ambassador. No way, I can't believe Nick won, he was off! Jodie was way better. Recount!

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