Friday, 12 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Wolf packed

My friend is voting to evict Wolfy tonight and she never votes! Enough said. Apparently the odds are really close between Hazel and Wolfy to go. I have voted to evict Wolfy three times. I'd like to see Hazel go up against Daley so it's less of a witch hunt.
I enjoyed the online live feed last night! Fell asleep watching it on my phone. Nice seeing their evening behaviours, especially Dexter and Charlie in bed together! Wait until Jackie finds out.
Ooh, Callum's spouting crap. Callum's 'why did no one like my advice' was his Big Brother highlight. Who's rattled his cage? The eviction, I guess.
Gina's system of referring to Hazel as 'H' is genius. Where does she come up with this code?!
I WISH we could get Jackie out tonight! Who dries up? Just leave things out and they dry!
What's up with Dan's hair?! Shepherd's pie gate. Fight, fight, fight! 'Bore off' indeed. Did Jack just say, 'why are you being so immature, age not shoe size.' Saying 'age not shoe size' is VERY mature, I'm sure you'll agree.
Ugh, save me speeches! I hate them. Callum: 'just a normal lad from down the road.' Zzzzz.
Wolfy's bringing entertainment into the 21st 'penitentiary.' She's our humble court jester - off with her head.
Dexter getting territorial over Charlie! Funny. What IS he talking about? Gina is basically laughing in his face. 
Hazel's body looks good. Perhaps they're trying to keep her in?
LOL to Gina stirring it about Dexter. Ha, caught out! Dexter: 'don't start, Gina!' That was good.
Charlie's two tone hair makes it look greasy, and those Tina earrings are just gross. DOES Charlie like Dexter a bit?! I think she does. Dexter is wearing two pairs of sunglasses today. To go with his two girlfriends. Or none.
I'm tired of Emma being biased! She has been slating Hazel so bad on BOTS and the Jackie love is just unfathomable.
I hope Callum gets the least votes and not Jackie! That will be one in the eye for her.
Ooh, they're showing the nominations on the screen! Eek. Some good faces here. Ooh, Daley nominating Callum is going to hurt. That twin looked guilty as sin for nominating Wolfy. Wait until Callum sees Charley nominated him! What, they didn't even show that one, that would be the most interesting!
Detective Dan having a go at Dexter! Ha. SHUT UP DAN. Bad feelings!
Aw, Callum is safe, bless him. Cute seeing Dexter with his arm round him. Another woman will leave the BB house tonight! Honestly I'd be glad to the back of any of this three. Wish it was a double!
Wolfy's crying! Tee hee. WTF is Wolfy wearing in the DR? A wigwam isn't an outfit. Oh dear, Wolfy is doing Monopoly analogies. Contrived! And capitalist. The electric company is worth NOTHING! It's your arrogance that will see you hoofed out, Wolfy.
Wow, Jackie is DESPERATE to win! I bet Callum would LOVE to see the back of that bitch.
Dexter is courting Charlie again. He's got a twinkle in his eye.
I think someone has bet Callum to wear the most revolting clothes money could buy in that house. That can't really be to his taste.
Hazel on Dexter: 'I'm sure he'd be GREAT in bed.' Bitch! What does she do in bed, pout in the mirror?
Dan is upset because his BFF(ish) Hazel is going to leave. Cry me a river! So moving.
They didn't show much of the Dexter and Charlie thing, it was actually reasonably intimate!
OMG it was Wolfy! My votes counted. She must be REALLY hated to go against 'homewrecker' Hazel. Dan must be thrilled, I'm surprised he's not jumping on the couch.
Er, what just happened?! Why did it go to an ad break?! I want to see Wolfy get booed, not another fucking advert! What is going on? Techno-chronics.
There's a she wolf in the closet! Lock it. I like it when people come out and go 'is that all you got' to the booers.
Wolfy's not arsed! They've got the eye open, they normally have it shut. Wolfy; 'I got cheered when I went in and cheered in the first week.' But now we know you, we can't stand you.
I hate it when people say 'it's a gameshow.' That crowd are being gross, though.
What was Wolfy's gameplan? Quantum physics of the universe? Science, yo.
Nature told Wolfy to expect the unexpected. Is nature Julie Chen? Emma should have called her out on her nature, hippy, shamen bullshit.
Go twitch elsewhere, Wolfy. I'm glad they showed her up about her arrogance. Ha, they had to shut the eye because of the chav crowd. 
The only thing I can say in Wolfy's defence is that she's young. But even so, I was young once. And I wasn't Wolfy. Wolfy, you don't deserve the wub wubs.
Oh no, they're making two more housemates immune from eviction next week! Who's it going to be? Ooh, they've paired them up. Dexter and Charley! Gina and Dan would be quite good, too. Either of those. I like the fact Gina wants to go back in and not give someone else a chance!
OMG Emma mentioned the live feed online! Are they backing it? Cool!

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