Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Your Westlife farewell tour was the best

I'm an hour late as they've shifted the schedule to FINALLY air that programme with Nathan from Misfits and Stuart from Queer as Folk. That BETTER be a good show.
Oh it's the quiz show task today. I actually filled in that survey online like a loser.
Wave, you idiots, have you never seen the Price is Right? Dexter clearly has.
I didn't like the fact one question was just torturing Hazel. You didn't get to chose to torture any other housemates.
Is Hazel SERIOUSLY eating that pig's nose? Groo. I would tell them to go stick it up their arse. This is DISGUSTING. Morrissey is turning in his mansion. To be fair (!), I chose the pig's nose for that question. *innocent face*
Sam probably doesn't talk to you because he can't hear a word you're saying, Sophie. I can barely understand you. I hope they give her a duff edit tonight. Shouldn't be too difficult, just one look at her miserable face should do it.
What's Hazel's problem with Callum!? He didn't even say anything, he just said he liked thunderstorms!
The twins are performing because they're scared they're on the block. 'Are we being funny, mummy?' NO!
I hate riddles. I bet Callum and Dexter will be good at them. That's all they deal in.
Sophie actually got one right! Hold the front page.
Why is everyone sticking it to Hazel! I feel sorry for her. Imagine being stuck in there another week thinking the whole world hates you. I'd just leave. Perhaps that's what they're hoping for? Probably can't afford the security for her eviction.
Callum: 'That would be nice' about taking Dexter out of the game! Got off the fence at last!
Gina is right to be pissed off about what Dexter said, it WAS nasty and an example of Dexter at his worst. I think Gina likes Dexter, so that's quite hurtful.
Why is Sophie upset that people find her voice annoying when she nominated herself for that question in the first place!
Dexter needs to worm his way out of this situation fast. Wwwwwwwworm! Gina is going to milk this for all it's worth. Good on her. Gina is VERY DISAPPOINTED. 'Openly honest' - ha! Dexter is still lying cos I'm pretty sure he did say that to someone in the house if I remember right. He's twitching!
Jack and Joe like Westlife. LOL. How tragic. Even my mum doesn't like them anymore. DROP ME OUT indeed. Get your own catchphrase, fatty.
Gina shouldn't be allowed to put on a shower cap to be gunged! That negates the whole point of the gunging! I didn't vote for that. Aw she looks cute without her silly blonde hair. They didn't even gunge her properly!
Sophie the sweetest!? She's sour! I'd rather die than get gunged with tomato sauce (food aversion) but that didn't really even look like tomato sauce.
Hazel is looking really pissed off.
Callum: 'I'm quite direct, I don't bullshit.' Ha, Dexter getting covered in 'shit'. Tee hee!
The twins think they have 'fans'! Ha, they think that dude from Westlife is watching! WE had to choose which twin was most evil, not that guy.
Ooh, Dan didn't enjoy being a policeman. Interesting. I want to know more about his career, why do they never show it?
Dexter: 'ssssssssssnake!' No it was only Sssssssssssallie who thought that. I feel sorry for Hazel but it was quite funny when Gina laughed at her.
At least BB made Callum strip and it wasn't his idea. I love Gina going 'where are my glasses?' so she can get a better look! She's a legend.
It's lucky Jackie's gone! Seriously, who would pay to see Callum's manky body? He's deffo sucking it in! Arre they Callum's own pants?!
All the others: 'Hazel's ready to go.' Probably because her name and reputation is being dragged through the fucking mud! Who can blame her?! She's not exactly being made to feel welcome. BB has got a LOT to answer for. I didn't know witch dunking was still in fashion! And then they want to keep her in there another week? Ejits.

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