Sunday, 14 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: It's 2013, love

Jackie has woken up crying! Ooh did Dan really leave his job to go on BB? I thought he must have left the police force already. Maybe Dan can be the new Rav Wilding, ha.
Jackie wants to go. Let's get rid now, please. Pack your belongings (one-handed) and leave.
I am disgusted with Hazel and Daley going in the safe house and I genuinely believe it's a fix, and I never believe that. Why would people vote for someone who nearly left last week to have immunity? Because they want to see two horrible people have sex? It's not just senseless but it's short sighted putting these selfish idiots in the safe house! Their main targets will be Gina and Dexter. Why was the vote open for such a short time? It STINKS, it really does. I'm quite pissed off about it. My only thought is that they're setting them up for a fall and they're going to parachute the girlfriend in. It's the only reasoning I can think of.
Charlie knows exactly what she said last night. Why does everyone think they can talk to Dexter like he's a piece of crap? I saw a really nice bit on the live feed with Dexter giving career advice to Sam. I like Sam more now.
They have misconstrued what Daley said on the clip, he meant he would see Dexter after, not that he wouldn't see him again. Gina just misunderstood it, there was no malice there.I don't like Dexter going against Gina to kowtow to Hazel! Doesn't he realise D&G are the dream team?
Hazel and Daley have 'drawn a line in the sand with all of that carry on'. Did the tide come in?
Suddenly the housemates are getting moralistic about Hazel and Daley because of them going in the slut shack; it's been going on for a week! Have you only just noticed it's gross? Wake up, humans.
Daley, the man of the house: 'It's 2013, love, equal rights.' The most ironic sentence spoken yet and yet he's too stupid to even realise why.
Dan's got his nose in someone else's business as usual! Makes a change. Listen to how much everyone's mentioning the girlfriend! This is a total set up; they're going to put her in. And if it hasn't crossed Hazey's mind, they're brainless.
Why does Daley always talk in a combative manner, even when he's just talking about nothing? The man is a total pig. I can't STAND him.
Is Sophie wearing one of Wolfy's old tie-dye blankets? Bonding with Sam? She must be bored. I'm glad Sam has some moral fibre. It's unexpected.

Daley: 'don't look but I'm going to get my bits out.' OK. *Doesn't look*.
Gina on using a dustpan and brush: 'Oh, it's working!' What did she expect to happen?
Dan, don't worry about Hazey. They've made their bed. Let's hope they spontaneously combust in it.
Callum, your chance of planting a seed in Charlie is over. Mum there or not, you're fucked. Also, that was nominations talk! My boyfriend said they should send them to jail for that conversation and announce what was said to the house, like they do. Can you imagine Jackie's face when they went 'At 11.15 Sam said 'get the mum out'? LOL.
Callum can't have kept his act up THAT well during auditions, I think Big Brother must have known most of it was a 'persona'. Maybe that's why they found him interesting. Callum commenting on Charlie's 'rear end' - ugh! 'I'm not talking catwalk model skinny.' Charming! Is he 'negging' Charlie with his 'face for radio' comment? Oh DEAR. Smooth, Callum! Smooth. What's up with him, is he drunk?
Daley was quite sharp making Dexter streak around the garden! Hilarious. Look at them all lined up! OMG that was genius, I just cried with laughter. Why was Dexter singing R Kelly? Why did he have a picture of himself stuck to his chest? Why was he covering up his bum hole? Did he really go round the garden that many times? The best 60 seconds of TV all week. Gina's face was a picture. He's a bit chubbier than I thought he would be, he looks tiny in clothes! That's the only good thing Daley's done in the house; made Dexter strip. Dan didn't look too impressed; probably because he wasn't centre of attention for a second.

In the slut shack, Hazel and Daley are about to have the 'conversation' I saw on live feed where he basically told her he doesn't want her to wear make up, she doesn't need to worry so much about her career and various other things for about 30 minutes, all of which were raging red flags screaming CONTROL FREAK. Why do these sort of guys go for glamour girls then try and change them? if you like 'natural beauty' so much, why not go out with a plain Jane? Because he's a controlling cunt, that's why. She's not 'missing the point.' I think she got the point perfectly. He's a freak. Run for your life, Hazel. Get a restraining order. You can tell by her face she was freaked out by it. That would be enough to put me off him forever. And I don't think Hazel's that stupid. Sure, she wants to fuck him. But I don't think she really wants to be with this guy. Who would?
Daley really knows how to woo a girl, doesn't he? He's all charm! Why is Hazel even bothering to still try and get him into bed? I think she just sees him as a conquest. Once she's proved she can have him, he'll be done.Daley 'will not get under the covers.' Cut to... Daley under the covers.
PS: Watch the live feed on the Channel 5 website! It's really good! Night.

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