Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Documentary: Stacey Dooley - Beaten by my boyfriend

It would be easy to mock Stacey Dooley, I guess, if you're a snob. I still don't know quite where she emerged from, and I looked it up once. She's a young woman with a thick accent (she sounds Cockney but I remember from an old episode about extremists that she's from Luton, which is near my home town of doom). But I like her documentaries and the way she interviews people. She seems genuinely interested in finding out about the underbelly of life, be it drugs, extremism, or tonight's topic. There's just something about her I like. My mum always says we're all from one of six tribes (some Bible crap, I think) and I feel like Stacey Dooley is from my tribe. It's partly the Midlands thing, partly the way she looks, I just feel an affinity with her. Her documentaries are very watchable. Who could forget the drug that gives you crocodile skin? I don't think I've ever seen a man look more high, or closer to death. It was fascinating. And Stacey Dooley didn't give him Louis Theroux side eye or Nick Broomfield impassiveness. She treated him like a fellow human.
Every 30 seconds police receive a 999 call about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a subject I had face to face experience with as a child and I care more about pretty passionately. We had our fair share of 999 calls ourselves and it wasn't much fun. It wasn't much fun watching my mum get her skull cracked open, I must say. In fact, it fucked me up royally.
This documentary focuses on young women in violent relationships. I can't imagine ever being in a controlling or violent relationship, but that's as a direct result of my own experience; I just wouldn't put up with that for a minute. Still, I understand very well how women get sucked into these relationships and how controlling boyfriends/ husbands operate. I've seen it happen to my friends, despite me begging them to leave. It's not until you're in that relationship or that environment that you understand the hold those relationships have on you. These men grind you down until you don't know what your own personality is anymore.
This poor woman is having her door fixed because her thug boyfriend has kicked it in while pregnant. Every door in my house as a child had a hole in it from a fist from the men I grew up with. Violence is one thing, but living under the threat of violence is another, and is just as bad (well, almost).
'During holidays and major sporting events 999 calls increase.' Just think about that. Women get battered because their idiot husband's team loses. That's a reality. Doesn't that terrify you? It scares the shit out of me. Imagine scaring the hell out of the person you love, harming the person you love. The scary part is when children witness this horror, or have to live with it on an ongoing basis. It's just incredibly cruel. But women are too scared to go, or don't have a place to go that's safe.
One in four women suffer from domestic violence and two women die a week. Two women die a week and it really feels like no one gives a fuck.
Stacey is visiting a refuge. One of the scariest scenes in The Fall was when that abusive husband found his wife in the refuge. That's my worst fucking nightmare, all those vulnerable women and an animal like that finds them (and yes, I know it's not real). I support Refuge because probably the scariest thing I can imagine is a woman leaving her violent partner and being turned away because there's nowhere for her to go. That's when men kill women. That's the riskiest time to be a woman.
I wish women knew better the warning signs of these psycho men; and these charming romantic types are the worst, these fuckers who buy clothes for you. I wouldn't put up with anyone jealous as that's a sign. There are so many tiny signs, but like Stacey says, they seem flattering at first. But it's not flattering if you look at it from the perspective of that man would treat ANY woman that way, so how are you special? Any woman would be treated like his own personal property.
It's so wrong that women lose their children because of abusive men, and because they can't figure out a way out. They are being punished twice, and for what? Stacey said, 'people might seem you're picking your abusive relationship over your baby.' But it's not like a domestic violence victim is making a sane and sensible choice. They aren't seeing things straight because they have had their heads screwed up by these controlling bastards.
These injunctions are good that stop men from even coming near their victims or they get five years in prison. Stacey is following the guy giving out the injunctions to these fucking arseholes now. I couldn't look at them myself.
I was disappointed that we had to have the obligatory 'women are violent too' mention, which is such a minuscule issue it's not even worth mentioning, except to make men feel better about all the women they murder. I hate that they fudge the issue like that! The show is called 'Beaten by my boyfriend.' And even now MEN on Twitter are telling me how women are violent, too. Well, they weren't in my house. It was just the men. The men with the tempers and the men with the baseball bats and the men with the brute fucking force. It just said nine out of ten attacks are by men and still men whine 'what about women who beat men up?' It's my female friends who have abusive dads, not abusive mums. I just wish these men would shut the fuck up. I'd be ashamed if I was a man. I wouldn't be arguing with women about the statistics. I'd be trying to work out why the fuck men were doing it. Why should I cry for that one man getting beaten up for every nine women? Fuck him. I don't care about him, I really don't, and if that sounds harsh, then tough. I guess my experiences made me that way. Honestly, it makes me fucking furious. Are there refuges full of hundreds of terrified men, all across the country? No, there aren't! So shut up. Stick your statistics, because I don't care. I care about women getting battered in front of their children and killed for daring to leave their boyfriend.
Why DO men do this to women? Why do they think they have the right to treat women like this? I just don't get it. Women just have to stop dying. Men have to stop killing us. Claire's law is really important but it's not enough. It's terrible that funding for refuges are being cut. It's a death sentence to women. But like the Tories fucking give a shit. What's a few dead women to them? I liked Stacey sticking it to Teresa May. I liked her question of 'what would you like to say to these girls?' a if an MP cares.
I'm glad Stacey went to a place where abusers get rehabilitated because I do believe - in fact, I know - that men can be rehabilitated but a massive part of that is actually waking up and realising what the fuck you've done. I've seen it happen. And I've seen it not happen. And these boneheaded straw man arguments of 'well women do it, too' doesn't help either side. It's just another way to put women in their place along with bashing in their front doors - and their skulls.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Live Final: Jor-done it

So here we are, D day. Or should that be E day? Or F day? No don't mention the F word. And still I'm wondering; how the hell did Perez get the boot on Weds? I know he had a lot of haters, but Calum STD Best got more votes than him? How so? And don't give me that teenage girl vote bullshit. No self respecting teenage girl would fancy a man with a toupee and a face like a jacket potato. Not to mention those mainstream trainers.
So tell me, who is there to vote for now, who is there to root for? I am not voting for ANYONE. It's a choice between fencesitters and cunts, and I can't bring myself to take either side (although, natually, I'm more of a cunt.) It's obvious Katie Hopkins will win, as the idiotgeneralpublic (t.m.) think she's changed, or because she pretends to cry, she's human or some bullshit. All I can hope for is a Cheggers/Jordan final two. And how boring would that be?
I PRAY Michelle Visage gets chucked out first and gets the Janice Battersby two-by-two exit. I was so upset that she beat Perez, but she was obviously thrilled to see two gay men go in one night, so she could get to the final and speak for them. When Perez called her out on her LGBT bullshit it was a joy and it really upset her, which proved he had a point.
The way Perez was treated in the house was terrible (James Jordan and Jim Davidson were the final insult), and his revelations about production said it all (the Ted files). Anyway, him being evicted on Weds ruined tonight and what would have been a good battle of evil against (fake) evil at the end. Now we have people who've barely spoken against one person who's just a nasty piece of work.
I liked Cheggers '10ps down the phone box' comment. I also liked Katie Hopkins 'kicked out of a care home' comment. 
Why no ex-housemates walking out on the stage? Boo. Oh probably because of the boos.
Jordan has to go see Dr Ottoman for a boob feel. Katie telling her to leave! Hilarious. No hidden agenda there. Not at all! No one resents Jordan for coming in late, just for not kicking Katie Hopkins arse. OMG Katie Hopkins, Visage and Calum having a go at her. Transparent or what. Bad gameplay at the end. Do they think we're dumb?
No final dinner can ever compare to Spencer and Heidi's 'my England, my kryptonite.' Legacy.
No two by two? 'Get Hopkins out'. Woo! 
Michelle is out! Beaten by Queen Jordan! That will teach you. Should have picked your friends better. PS: The LGBT community want their acronym back.
Emma saying to Michelle that she's 'very likeable.' She's about as likeable as Emma. Props for the Leo Sayer reference, though.
Hold on, what the fuck is Emma wearing! How did I just notice that?
Is Perez crying at Michelle slagging him off? Oh, the drama. Going on about 'the gays' again. They're not puppies. It's dehumanising. Also, why is Hopkins not allowed to talk to Perez? Is Michelle the mafia? Get out. The UK doesn't like you back.
Cheggers out next. He also looks disappointed. What's the opposite of wahey? He's giving it the two thumbs up for his photo, you've got to respect that. Then crying like a baby. Thought he was always happy! Lies.
Cheggers loves his wife, I dunno if you've heard. I like the bits where they showed him shouting at people. Those were his best moments. He's right about the acting in the house, too.
Kavana is flipping the bird at Cheggers, what the fuck? The indignity! I like the fact Cheggers refered to him as a 'fellow alcoholic.' Cheggers has washed his hands of Perez. Well, he does enjoy cleaning. Cheggers is getting the wub wubs on his best bits. Standard. Keith is allowed to tell other people to fuck off in his highlights, I see. Hypocrisy!
Calum out next. Hurrah! Pack up your hair piece, your mainstream trainers and get back to your PAs. He'll no doubt be shagging some random in a toilet before the night is out. Nothing interesting to say except bashing Perez. Yawn. I'm glad 'shove it up your arse' made his best bits.
The final two is a total hair or scare. The battle of the bouffants. LOL Jordan went in, did fuck all and won it. Sweet. I cracked and voted for her and Cheggers, too. Tee hee. Hopkins can go back to being a panto villian. Booooo!
Hopkins interview all about Perez, too. 'I don't like people picking on people...' Unless it's me, should have been the end of that sentence. I'm glad she admitted she liked having a sparring partner. Going on about Switzerland again. I'd rather be Switzerland than Cuntworld.
Emma thinks Katie has been phenomenal. Alright then. And that dress you're wearing is flattering.
Jordan is a gibbering wreck. Little does she know she just benefitted from the anti-Hopkins vote.
The Jeggers alliance was triumphant. Hold on, why has Nadia got headphones in?
All Jeggers did was talk about horses, ha. Jordan hopes Michelle hasn't been bitchy about her. Er... oh well. Alex Reid won't be happy. And Pete the Parent will be livid!
One things for sure, there's only one thing we'll remember about this series and he rode the fun train out of there on Wednesday.
Thanks for reading. PS: The bilecast will be out on Sunday. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Did you miss me?

Why, hello there! Thanks to everyone who's been keeping updated via the obnoxious podcast, and for those who can't stand James, there's this blog, tee hee.
I feel like Big Brother is going to be over before I even get the chance to get my teeth into it, somehow, even though it's a longer series than normal. It has been a great celebrity series, I can't deny it.
So, the old secret room trick, and this time, mildly more plausible than usual, as this series has had more walkers than Rick Grimes encounters on your average sepia-toned afternoon walk. I liked the touch of Perez leaving via the John James exit, but mostly I just like Perez. I was just listening to a podcast where they don't like Perez (RHAP). Can you imagine not liking Perez? I would not be watching Big Brother at this point. Because it IS the Perez show, Perez IS Big Brother, and he's playing the game now, he's playing it sooooo good. From licking his own armpits, to stripping naked, to driving everyone slowly insane, he's where it's at. To argue with it is futile. To argue with it is to be Calum Best.
I'm hoping Cami Li goes but there's no way in hell I'm voting to save Hopkins, Patsy or Nadia. The middle aged mafia can fight it out between themselves. I've got a sneaking feeling Patsy might go.
Is 'chola' racist? The first time I heard it I thought so, but a few seem to be saying it. Let me know!
Cami Li hasn't got the balls to take Jordan on. She knows Jordan is higher up the power rankings in that house. Pecking order is everything. Just ask the trainer police.
Perez is writing viewer questions. The only positive thing I can say about Nadia is she stuck by Perez even after he 'went'. I will give her that as loyalty is a good quality. Other than that, she's a meddling pain in the butt. Talking of which, Visage is invisible this episode, which is wonderful. I can't believe how many people still like her; her game plan is so transparent. She's worse than Cheggers.
Katie Hopkins calling Perez a 'parasite' in the DR; she really has no clue he's gone. I like him clutching her picture in a frame to his crotch.
Even thought he's meant to be gone, the housemates are still talking about Perez non-stop.  Says it all.
Patsy will miss Big Brother like a hole in the head. 'Unique experience'?! Weren't she and Nadia comparing it to a prison sentence yesterday?
Calum and Cami Li's nomance is depressing. Even Ricci and Lauren had more chemistry, LOL! Even Ollie Locke and Sam Faiers' boil were more compatible. It's tragic.
Perez works well with his own company. I doubt if I'd be so animated on my own. I know Perez is fake and annoying, but he's just got something compelling about him. He's one of the best American players we've ever had (Busey and Spiedi just pip him) and one of the most entertaining housemates ever, in my opinion. I can imagine if you hate him, you really fucking hate him. And that makes me like him all the more! I'm surprised how many people don't get it. But the crowd has never been more split that this year, everyone is hating on everyone else's favourites. And I like that.
Crowd is chanting 'get Cami out' yet cheering for Katie Hopkins. Why? Idiot general public, that's why! Loonies in anoraks, y'all.I'm actually glad Nadia is safe for when Perez comes back, even though she gets on my last nerve. Hopkins also safe. Probably in her contract. Fuck, Patsy is out. I called it! She looks fucking thrilled to be going. Elated. I'm not sad she's gone as she offered nothing. She was the female Frankie Dettori.
Patsy seems more relaxed already. Emma: 'There's a time and a place for an opinion, and you don't have to say every opinion you have.' Only someone with no opinion would say such a thing. I have an opinion on EVERYTHING. Emma doesn't struggle to have an opinion when faced with a female housemate she feels hasn't lived up to her exacting standards, though.
Someone on Twitter is telling me Perez was bullying Katie Hopkins. How can people see things so differently? Katie Hopkins is a professional bully. Perez is an eccentric.
Patsy: 'I'm not going back in, am I?' and 'I don't want to see my best bits.' Ha. Patsy's like your mum when you try and take a picture of her. There's no harm in her, bless!
It's such a crap way of them showing that Perez is still there, letting them see it on screen. There's so many better ways of letting him back in! Like he could have gone back in dressed as a giant Mr Buns. Or as Reg Holdsworth. A VT is all they got? 'I knew it!' etc. Hopkins looks rattled.
Perez: 'Did you miss me?' LOL. 'Cheers motherfuckers.'
Glad Cami stayed now as she looks super pissy. Haha to the pass to the final/ eternal nomination reveal. Eternal nomination! Boo! Typical idiot general public, don't know what they're doing. They literally don't know their arse from their elbow. Luckily Perez will be safe anyway on a vote to save and the others will have to turn on each other when nominating.
Perez holding court at the end, ha. He does love all eyes on him. Why is he slating Patsy! Hopkins, Cami Li and Visage all look stony faced. Jordan pumping him for information. He's lording it! He's in his element. Let's eternally damn the loonies in anoraks. How many more evictions are there even?! Save Perez.You know it makes no sense... but perfect television.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: I'm a producer's wet dream

So is Jordan going in tonight? I personally don't care either way. I find her monotone and boring. We've seen her schtick too many times before.
Katie vs Alicia. I don't care about that either, tbh. More Perez, please! Perez has become my new favourite. It was when he started crying during the talent show that I realised. He is pure drama. I love him. When he said 'the British public love this' - he was right.
Look, people are cuddling Katie Hopkins. They must be evil. They ARE evil.
I'm not voting tonight because I don't care who goes. I'm more worried about what Mr Buns the rabbit is doing.
Katie Hopkins is crying because people like her. Boo! That's not what we want to see. Look at Katie stroking Cami's hair. Grooming her, literally.
Alicia and Perez chumming up is ace. They are both as mad as each other. Why is Kavana trying to tear them apart?! I'm glad Alicia grassed on him. Perez is pure entertainment.
Good luck to Chloe, wanting to put Perez in the background. You'd have a better job trying to Cami do a bit of lesbian horseplay.
Get Perez out! Boo! Michelle got cheered. They saved Alicia first! Yeah! Then Michelle! Cool.
Perez is cracking me up in the garden. I love how much he's winding them all up. He's filling the Jeremy hole for me atm.
Nadia is sticking up for Perez. She's making his stock plummet. Cheggers is pretending he likes Perez. I think it's just because he hates Cami more than Perez. Patsy is INVISIBLE tonight. Calum is doing the whole nice guy act.
Perez is doing a Busey right now. He's stealing the show. I can't bear him, yet I love him.
Stop arguing before bed! It's hard to know who's side to take in Nadia vs Cami, they are both so odious.
I'm glad Alicia said 'fuck you' to Cami. Not before time. They are bullying her. I can't BELIEVE Cami said her family don't love her. What an absolute cunt. Then she denied it! Cami is a cunthole. No getting around it.
What the FUCK is Perez doing? Show it closer, please! LOL. What is Michelle talking about 'our community'? Is she gay? She's not even gay, so I don't know what she's talking about. Get a grip. Perez is hilarity.
Chloe has been evicted. Dressed as a wench. Unfortunate. That's guilt by association for hanging out with Cunti Li. Bet she sells her down the river soon enough. Can we have Jeremy back now? I'm sure he's changed, ha.
Chloe: 'There's not one person in there who's actually enjoying themselves.' LOL.
Chloe: 'Katie is a wonderful lady.' OK then.
They seem to be skirting over the Jeremy thing pretty hard in the interview. Probably legal reasons. Why did they never interview Jeremy? They interviewed Daley. I saw Pippy interview him on This Morning.
Chloe would love to see Cami in the final. Good luck with that.
Why is Emma interviewing Chloe with her coat on? It makes me on edge. Look at those gloves, too. It looks like she's going to strangle someone. Jeremy has been erased from her best bits! Boo!
And now time for the 'shock' arrival... but is it a shock? Oh, no it's Jordan.
Jordan's VT made me LOL! I hope she's locked her fanny rat husband in a cupboard. Katie Hopkins looks pissed off. Michelle looks too pissed off, too.
Ha, what was Perez doing! Hiding in the corner. Banished LOL. Jordan banished Perez, Cami and Nadia. Jordan is a pro at this, listen to that speech she did. TRUE GAMER.
Who is Perez saying is still on drugs?!
Hopefully there'll be a podcast later! It's been a busy week so lots to talk about... god help us. Thanks for reading!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Reg No-worth

So Ken gets the boot tonight, three days too late. Why give the little troll another chance to insult someone?
Talking of trolls, here goes Perez, yapping away again, ordering people about. I didn't pay attention at the start of this task and now I don't know what the fuck is going on. NICE BIKE! It looks cheap as fuck. One exercise bike. How much was that, £44 from Argos? What the hell have they got on their heads? Bikes make me think of Callum form Dexter's year, taking it on board in his horrible t-shirts. Poor sod.
Nadia bugs the crap out of me, declaring Cheggers a national treasure. He's not. He's an annoying person who pops up on TV from time to time; like Paul Ross or Chris Packham. Rold Harris was a national treasure, and he wasn't even British, and he was a paedophile. So maybe national treasures aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway.
Kavana is singing in an American accent. Why? Chloe reminds me of Rylan facially. They both have a bit of a sunken look. I think it's like sculpting, or contouring or whatever the fuck it's called, but they've overdone it and now they look like The Scream.
Aw, Calum, 'A lot of the time my dad played football with me it was set up with pictures.' That's sad. It is sad when your dad is a drunk or a wifebeater. It leaves a mark on you that never comes off. Calum actually seems OK on the whole. I could see him in the final.
Oh OK, they're doing endurance cycling to raise non existent money. Like Frankie Grande's orphanages (one for the Americans there).
God, Perez is taking offence again. At Patsy. What the fuck? She wasn't being offensive. She was taking an interest in Alexander's life story, by the sounds of things. It is a shame racism is so offensive in America; I thought we were more tolerant here, but then... Reg/Ken. Jade. It's embarrassing, isn't it? It's embarrassing when people who are foreign come here and we insult them. I find it shameful. But Patsy is not that.
Patsy; waterproof mascara, please. Snoop Dogg, I hope you're pleased with yourself. Your lyrics have caused an international race war (not really). Alexander seems cool. He's very chilled about everything.
Now Ken is calling Patsy a scrubber. Leave it out, Reg. It's getting old. 
This song for the task is shite, but I enjoyed the key change.
OMG Ken is going on at Chloe about Jeremy now. It's the victim blame day today. Going into a room to help someone out when they're being sick is asking for it apparently.  The Wright Stuff was absolutely despicable today; Dr David Bull was on saying 'what on earth was she doing in her dressing gown in the bathroom with him?' Er... seeing if he was alright? There was some other fucking spud on who was even grosser. Check it out if you can bear it. Even Lowri Turner, alleged feminist, didn't defend Chloe.
This Cami Li rant seemed to come out of nowhere, was it related to the Jeremy conversation? Nadia calling Ken passive aggressive; he's not, he's aggressive aggressive. Nadia is passive aggressive. She's a Linda Nolan/ Colleen Nolan/ Denise Welch typical middle aged sanctimonious boot. I can't STAND her. She's worse than Perez, IMO.
Reg: 'They are some of the best looking arses I've ever seen.' NOT CREEPY AT ALL. That was quite frightening, but he gave Nadia exactly what she wanted.
Nadia is trying to set herself up as some kind of moral crusader, which doesn't suit her. It's not about rape, it's about an old perv. OMG Perez is staring Reg out now. This is getting weird. That was actually quite threatening when Perez said to him, 'If I were you, I'd fear for my safety when I leave the house.'
LOL Perez is getting a tell off for threatening Ken with the old 'pow pow pow' treatment. Perez: 'I'm smart.' No, you're not. I love the fact Big Brother got audibly annoyed with Perez there. I don't think I've ever heard Big Brother snap at someone like that before.
OMG now Alex is telling Chloe off for showing too much skin when she gets changed! Poor woman, she's being branded the house harlot just for being young and pretty. They're going to be burning her at the stake next. I understand Alexander is old. But give the girl a break, she's had a rough couple of days. Is it really that offensive if you get a glimpse of her bum? Reg would love it.
So the straw that broke the camels back was the phrase: 'Negro rhythms'. At least he didn't say it TO Alexander this time. Just ABOUT Frank Bruno. Hope he's not watching.
So was he just being as objectionable as possible to get removed? I suppose the only way we would know is if we find out if they get paid or not. If he gets paid anyway, it's no skin off his nose to act the goat and get thrown out as soon as possible. But if not then he's just a thick cunt. In fact, let's just go with that.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jeremy's broken

OH NO. The worst has happened. My Jeremy, my kryptonite has been evicted, and they won't even tell us why. This is why they don't have live feed, so they can TV-bait us like this. I don't think they've ever done this before though, not told us why someone's left. Imagine if we'd had to wait to find out when Nasty Nick got the boot? It would have been unthinkable.
That was a very comprehensive disclaimer at the start! Oh dear.
Reg is obviously going to be a total pervert tonight. Looks like he's lucky Jeremy takes the heat off him.
Dear God, Perez is SUCH a crawler. Reg thinks he's 'stirring'. He's actually being completely inappropriate.
I HATE Nadia! Lucy Cave said on BOTS that 'everyone loves her.' I don't, I she's fucking useless. Typical middle-aged CBB contestant. Boring, opinionated and sanctimonious. I'd rather be mates with Katie Hopkins than her. Also, she's trying to set herself up as Katie's nemesis and it's too transparent.
Reg to Cami: 'Half Hindu Princess, half slut.' Which turned to 'half Moroccan, half whore.' He should be given a warning on that basis alone. I am offended.
I'm glad Michelle told him to watch his mouth with the younger girls. Hold on, why is Nadia in a Parka and Perez and Cami are in their pants?! What's the temperature in there?
This is the part where we sit through the noms again. I don't mind if Reg dies of old age or boredom, as long as he dies.
Cami is a good character, whether she's a bitch or not. She might have to be my new fave now Jeremy's sexually assaulted someone.
Jeremy's splits are more impressive than most things in that house. 'The sacred juice!' Is Jeremy vaping crack? Oh dear, he had such potential.
Uh oh. 'Nice big fat Negro.' On a normal night, that would be enough drama. Ken should go, that's really offensive. That must make Alexander feel awful. Horrible man. Gross.
Oh, OK, so Chloe went in to look after Jeremy when he was sick and he groped her. How much booze have they given them, or is he on something else, too? If it IS just booze, Big Brother has to take some responsibility. On BBUS they don't give them drink, because of shit like this.
Jeremy: 'the time between being sick and being OK is pretty much the only moment I feel alive.' Oh my God. What a quote. And then.
Jeremy was off his fucking face and pulled her dressing gown to one side. Oh, God, Chloe is really upset. That is over the line and completely unacceptable. I don't think he's a monster, but he can't control himself and he needs to go for the safety of the others.
Jeremy comes out the bathroom going 'Elvis has left the building.' Nearly. Calum seemed to think it was OK.
'Curiosity killed the cat!' WTF. That's not much justification.
Perez and Michelle were the only ones right in that situation. 'Not OK' are the right words. Horrible to have that happen to you. Then she goes 'I know I've done page 3.' Poor thing, she's victim blaming herself. That is how deep rape culture is. She was trying to help him and he basically attacked her and she blamed herself. That's how it is to be a woman. Itt really is.
And now Jeremy is on the couch, getting affirmation from known pervert and racist Ken. 'I grabbed the tip of her robe to see.' To see what?! Her boobs without permission!?
Katie accusing Perez of 'whipping it up.' Perez has had a problem with Jeremy from day one, but with due cause, I guess,but still I question Perez motives. Just because one person is in the wrong, doesn't meant the people rallying round are in the right.
'Out of innocence. Out of curiosity.' Innocence! Funny choice of words. 'Emotionally wounded.' There's the door, Jeremy, get out. So they didn't kick him out straight away! Interesting.I wonder why. Consulting the lawyers?
Ken: 'Jeremy is a Jewish film producer from New York.' What the fuck is that meant to mean! He's obsessed with race and religion. Get him out! Ken has got to go. 'Violent fuck'? WTF. OMG what is going on with Ken and Perez in the loo! 'Disgusting misogynistic homophobic pig' is right. Calum is a tittering fencesitter. Nadia is also loving all of this, she's in her element.
So last night, Ken commented on race, Jewishness, sluts. Even when he got a warning he couldn't give a shit.
Now Jeremy's getting da boot. RIP. He did have the potential to be brilliant. Perhaps if he's stopped drinking. Maybe this will be the kick up the arse he needs to go to rehab. I hope so.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Sneaker gimps

Hi all! So it's live nominations tonight, let's hope they don't 'do a Heather' and they keep it running to time. Also, no cheating please.
Piss wars have already begun, I see. Still, better than scat wars.
No shower tray to put your bits on?! Not very celeb.
Michelle is 'so offended by the words Katie speaks.' She hasn't said anything yet. I hate the way they all know too much about each other before they go in. Perez virtually had their biographies tattooed on his body like that hottie in Prison Break.
Kavana knows Mel B, ha. I bet she doesn't know him.
Reg Holdsworth and Cheggers alliance coming up; old codgers alliance. LOL to Cheggers refusing to be on Fat Club. Like they'd call a show 'Celebrity Health.' They probably sold The Undateables as Lovely People's Last Chance at Love.
Nadia isn't fat, so why is she saying she is? Stupid woman. Of course no one would attack Katie in the street, you'd be too scared of her. I like the way Katie isn't backing down in the face of Nadia's quizzing of her. SAY IT TO YOUR FACE. Check.
Michelle is giving Perez some grief for not messaging her. IM? What century is this? Why is he sitting on the kitchen counter? Unclean.
Jeremy: antibacterial toilet wipe bankroll. I like the face he called Nadia out for 'whining and complaining'. Nadia is annoying.
Katie don't like almond milk? I thought she liked healthy people. It's almond milk or cokeheads, take your pick. She doesn't like Patsy because she's a nervous wreck. Bit mean.
Michelle is looking suspicious about the foot massage. I couldn't physically touch someone else's feet. Anything to do with feet, I want no part of it.
So, the task is over. Katie should just come out the DR and put everyone on full-scale blast.
Perez is such a little know it all! He's like teacher's pet. Knowing the dates people went out with people (ie. Calum and Lindsay is just plain creepy.) I liked Michelle's chat with Calum and the camera work, too. Not sure about 'husbanded', though.
I'm not commenting on all Red Holdsworth's actressing because it's what he wants. Airtime hog!
I feel sorry for Alicia. She's a sad person. Still rather be her than Katie, though.
Kirk Norcross, ugh. This girl looks way too nice for him. I mean, she seems a cunt, but she's too good looking for him. Remember when he was sexually harrassing that Georgia girl?
Jeremy: 'We're all on the same plane, going down.'
Uh oh, the Patsy Kensit marriage files, we may be here for some time. Katie being a cunt about it, ha. What a wrong 'un.
Katie Hopkins crying cos she loves her husband, haha. While wearing a Dappy hat. Also, why isn't she putting everyone on blast?! Fail.
Perez is impertinent asking Calum questions about his dead dad. That's very personal. Calum: 'He gave it a go.' Yeah, on someone else's liver.
OMG Jeremy is doing Cornholio impressions! YES! Nadia thinks he's mentally ill but he just needs TP for his bunghole. Uhuhuhuhuh. Bring back Beavis and Butthead.
Cami is hating on Calum's trainers. Is she 12? LOL. Petty but funny. His clothes are 'sick'. Is this the 90s?
Haha now Chloe is saying Calum is 12. Cami started it. I'm telling, etc. I don't mind Chloe, she seems alright.
This code is pretty crap, 'my sister' equals 'my boyfriend.' Calum, don't bring your mum into it. You've taken it too far!
Ok, here's the face to face noms. Buckle up.
Michelle: Nominated Ken for wanting to go home. Isn't she meant to nominate two?
Perez: Ken. Sheep vote.
Katie: Perez. She wants to be the biggest cunt in the house.
Nadia: Katie. 'We're polar opposites.' You're both annoying as fuck.
Cami: Ken. Ken is ruining these nominations.
Jeremy: Pasty for having 'some auto immune stuff.' Best one yet. Tribe talk! Patsy said thanks. He's right, she's a weak player.
Chloe: Ken. I want to know what fine line he's been treading. Sexism, no doubt.
Calum: Ken. Ken is Reg Holdsworth, btw.
Kavana; Ken.
Ken looks lived, ha. He nominated Cami because 'she bit him'. Footage, please.
Alicia: Calum. Cos she got off with him, ha. 'Least likely to go up' my arse.
Pasty: Bathroom gate. Tell us more! Ooh, Ken is having a go at her. I'm glad she gave it back to him.
Alexander: Perez. 'I think he's a total control freak.' LOL. Say how you really feel.
Keith: Perez for sitting on the counter. Damn right! Counter attack!
No one has nominated Jeremy! Sweet.
A Tuesday eviction. Interesting. Oh, the only people they've put up are Alexander, Chloe and Ken. They only put up the people who has one vote when it suits them.
They're not arguing so I'm going to wrap my blog up here. Perez killed it by saying 'they're not allowed to talk about it.' WTF? Idiot.
Sorry if you were waiting for our podcast the other night, our computer decided to eat it. We're going to try again tonight but I've learned my lesson not to promise! Also, thanks to everyone who said nice things about my blog. I appreciate it. Night.