Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Pipe down, fatty

Well tonight's show has already been ruined for me by BOTS, so thanks for the warning! What an anti-climatic way to bring Dexter and Gina back into the house, and also they made a sucky choice of who to save. What's the point in saving Charlie if you're going to piss her off at the same time by putting psycho mummy up? Bad strategy! I HATE Jackie. I wish they'd saved Callum, he could have done with a boost.
Hazel, stop clinging to Daley, you're making a fool of yourself and you're going to get kicked out this week. I am still holding out the flame of hope for Wolfy to go. I'll be voting to evict Wolfy thrice! But the Martin Bashir style interview with Daley's GF on BOTS was pretty much Hazel's game packed up and shipped back to Ireland. Don't get me wrong; I felt for Daley's pretty, crying girlfriend. But I STILL want Wolfy out! Also, the 'burn the witch' Hazel stuff gets on my wick. Burn DALEY!
Ooh, Callum is having a go at Wolfy for saying she was going to win! At last someone said it. Wolfy still wouldn't backtrack on it. There's a 'fine line between confidence and arrogance.' You're over it.
Wolfy on winning: 'we'll see.' Yes, we will. You're not gonna. Why are Callum and Wolfy bickering? Good on you, Callum, for saying what we're thinking, anyway. I don't know why they didn't save you instead of Charley.  Why won't Wolfy just wake up and get a little humble? Is she pig-headed or just stupid?
Why are Gina and Dexter copping out on this decision?! I'm disappointed in them! Oh, so they chose Charlie on the basis of purely being able to put up with her in the safe house more! Trust these two. Why doesn't Dexter want to be in a confined space with Callum? Is he scared the high street clothing might rub off? Gina's right, the room IS pink. Biased for a girl to go in *sexist*.
Oh, there's a jacuzzi. I don't care. Oh, it's a pool. Can't do many laps in that pool!
Hazel's tone of voice when she said 'Gina and Dexter'. Ha! Not so much glee as a grimace. They were definitely more excited about the paddling pool that the returnees. Not such much as a sniff of fight night.
Dexter: 'there's a lot of business to attend to.' Callum: nodding dog.
Shouldn't Jackie be HAPPY that Charlie is safe, rather than bitter that she's on the block?! Jackie, you're her mum, wouldn't you catch a grenade for her?! Fame hungry or what? This woman is unbelievable. 
Dexter LOVED imparting that news! Jackie's sour face. Dexter: 'the public were voting to save me and Gina.' *Rubs it in*.
I'm glad Gina gave Callum a crumb of comfort and said she was backing him 100%. He needed that. Dexter is stirring! Daley looks mad.
Detective Dan patting himself on the back! Well, we knew it would happen.
Daley backtracking about the girlfriend. Dexter 'we'll chat later.' Ominous! Dexter, don't blow it. Don't act too cocky now.
Hazel is right; the public are watching. And they've been sharpening their pitchforks. Daley; get your hands of Hazel's buttons.
Gina to twin: 'I always knew you were bitchy.' Ha! He didn't KNOW?! He's rude as fuck. If I was in there I'd just front it out and stand by everything I said. If you can't take the heat, shut your mouth!
Dexter: 'eat the cake.' Daley has got Big Brother brain! Marcus, the IDH, developed this virus back in the day, and since then it's spread to the loins of many a male housemate.
Dan is thrilled he's not come across like a tool on the feed and he didn't say anything damaging. He's 'pleased to see them both' - yeah, if you say so, Dan. He likes Dexter now? Dan 'knew it'. What about all the things Dan thought he knew but didn't? Dan was lucky that this was the first week he hadn't been acting like a complete prick.
I'm not sure Jackie IS happy for you, Charlie! I think she's more worried about her own skin.
Dexter calling Dan lovely! Ha, he'd 'rather not comment' on Hazel. That says it all!
Good on Gina saying 'it's not right' to Daley about his girlfriend! She's not on that fence whatsoever. 'I couldn't watch at some points.' I love her. I want Daley to shit himself. If that's how Gina felt, how must his girlfriend have felt? Oh, we know from the Princess Di interview last night.
Wolfy: 'Boom, it's showtime. I might be all about love and harmony.' WHEN? You're about as much about love and harmony as... er, me.
Sam is the WORST person to bitch to. He gives you NOTHING back. Jackie is FINE.
Dexter telling Daley to 'look like a man'! Haha. Oh god, taking relationship advice from Dexter. Dear, oh dear. Dexter loves his girlfriend, but would have took it further by now if he knew his girlfriend had dumped him. This guy is ALL CHARM. That's REAL LOVE right there. How romantic!
OMG, stop press, Sam speaks! 'What they're doing is proper disrespectful' about Daley and Hazel. 'She's trying to steal someone's boyfriend.' That's the most honest thing I've heard him say. Thank God! He does have a brain and eyes. He has an opinion! More of it, please. Dan is trying to defend Hazel but 'he'd rather not get involved.' Probably wise, to be honest. Wow, Sam. You just went up in my estimation by a mile. By saying two sentences. Imagine if he said a whole paragraph?
Daley: 'for fuck's sake, what have I done?' Too late now! Princess Di is leaving the country. Your shit is probably in bin bags on your lawn. Daley if you love your girlfriend, why don't you walk and tell her? Oh I know why, because you're a fame whore.
It's annoying the way Dexter and Gina are hinting at things. Just say them or don't!
Dan is finally speaking out to Hazel, two days too late. 'I'd hate for you to leave under a cloud.' TOO LATE. Why did no one speak up two days ago! 'You don't want to be known as that girl.' TOO LATE.
Did Dan really say 'maybe on Friday it would be good if you go?' at the end. Wow! Hazel, I hate to break this to you, but it's too late. You're done, and you've fucking saved Wolfy. And for that, I hate you more than Daley's girlfriend does.

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