Monday, 29 July 2013

Big Brother 2013: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, journey, journey, journey, journey

Evening! I just watched two episodes of Big Brother US, so you can't say I'm not having a productive start to the week. I've also been drinking! Here's to life.
WHY are Charlie and Hazel still sharing a bed?! There must be spare beds in the house now, there's only three weeks left. Didn't Dan have a bed?
Charlie PLEASE STFU about the 'Daley situation'. Charlie: 'she knows I've got issues with not thinking before I speak.' TRY THINKING BEFORE YOU SPEAK THEN.
Callum is going to put his foot down 'briefly'. That was smooth, Callum, real smooth.
Charlie is saying sorry, despite Dexter saying she wouldn't. Charlie: 'yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.' STOP SAYING THAT.
Look how good Hazel looks compared to Charlie. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hazel is being quite reasonable.
Following task. Well, it's not like they can get away from each other, is it? They can't pop down the shops.
Twins can barely fit in that Diary Room chair anymore. They're having to take it on an angle now.
My boyfriend just went 'Where's Dan?' Good question.
Here's a classic example of them talking about being famous afterwards. You're not going to be! The twins don't class themselves as TV personalities. That's lucky. Dexter: 'we've signed our own death warrants.' Not quite.
Nominations! I don't know who's up. I normally do. Is there a twist?!
Gina nommed Jack and Joe and Hazel. I notice she didn't nominate Dexter.
Even Sophie is getting involved in the twins actressy arguments now. As if two doing it wasn't bad enough.
Charlie is nominating Callum. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Why don't you tell Callum how you feel about him if he's bugging you! Charlie can't have 'in depth conversations' in front of the twins. Does she mean endlessly banging on about themselves? Those twins should walk in more often. Charlie didn't nominate Hazel, even after cucumbergate. Good.
The twins are nominating Dexter! Haven't they got the memo yet? OMG I just realised no one's nominating Hazel! LOL! They must realise she's a shoe in to go?! These people have got NO GAME. Their strategy is nil.
I'd LOVE to see Callum, Charlie and the twins up! Deadwood fire! Callum and Sam are in the 'lad's banter' chairs.
Hazel put up Callum for not sticking up for her. Fence sitter! Ooh, Hazel didn't nominate Charlie either. Interesting. Dexter votes. She didn't even nominate Gina. She must know it's pointless.
Dexter, desperate: 'I need a cuddle.' Dexter, get the hint, you freak. Charlie must wear some AMAZING perfume because I have NO CLUE what they see in her.
Sam nominated Sophie! Those safe house bonds are strong. Dexter's picking up a few. I don't think he'll go, though.
Sophie nominated cringebag Callum for sexually assaulting the 'spray tannist' and Hazel (boo).
Callum nommed Dexter and said 'he should be arrested because it must be illegal to talk that much crap.' He's been working on that one. Should have had a word in Dan's ear when he was in there. I knew Callum would nominate Hazel because it's a kiss-ass vote to Charlie.
Dexter nominated Callum and the twins. That means Hazel, Callum, twins and Dexter are up. I wish it was vote to save and then Callum would go. I wish Hazel had dodged that bullet this week. I hope it's a double eviction.
The twin getting stroked by Hazel and Charlie is gross.
Gina: 'would you rather sleep with Jackie than Jemima?' We know Sam's answer!
Dexter sounds like he's warming up for some 'journey' talk. Check! Even Gina is jumping on the 'we're the outsiders' bandwagon. It's too knowing.
Dexter: 'seven weeks on the block is a joke.' Try changing your strategy then! It's not up to you who others put up.
LOL they're showing the noms on the screens. Hilarious! There's going to be some good fall out from this. Brilliant! If Callum still sniffs round Charlie after this it would be embarrassing. Get the message, Callum. Stay away from her. I don't think they showed Callum what Sophie said about the spray tans assault?
The reasons Hazel were nominated weren't bad at all. They were strategy votes definitely.
Gina: 'they didn't show the things I said that were nice.' That's cos there weren't any. Ha, that was really funny. Good stuff. Callum looks like he's going to EXPLODE! Bet Charlie and Hazel are pleased they didn't nom each other. Looking foward to the live feed!

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