Monday, 8 June 2009

Big Brother 10: That's the sort of person I am

Suffia, Sophia, Sophie, fuck off! Too many Sssss, kick one out.
I can't believe they are arguing so much already. 'This is what I'm saying... at the end of the day... this is the kind of person I am..' ARGH!!!
How did Sophia stay in?! She's like a little fly buzzing around spreading cliches and pain in equal measure. Stamp on the fucker! She is VERY argumentative.
DOG EAT DOG. Viewer kill housemate, more like. 'It is what it is... people are people.' Could anyone in that house say something that isn't glib upon glib?
I'm not sure about Sree at the mo. He's obviously a complete geek, but is he a bit dodgy as well? He's definitely a bit touchy-feely and quite demanding. But he's also amusing.
I don't think Suffia gets that Freddie is mostly straight. I don't think she can understand the concept. Angel moaning at Siavash for swearing 'in front of the ladies'- spare me.
Bienazir barely even get featured in this episode! Cruel. Are Siavash and Ciaron the new jungle cats? Jungle kitties, more like. It's kind of cute they have got close so quick, though. Bromance!
Was Angel eating a raw egg? No wonder she looks like that. She is seriously paranoid about her appearance. I saw her on the live feed the other night mithering about how old and past it she was.
God, Sophia is SO annoying. 'My fun doesn't offend anyone.' Really. I beg to differ. Bring on the new spitgate, racism/homophobic gate, pow-pow-pow gate, an atomic bomb, something, anything, just to get rid of her. Oh god, now she's saying 'click'. It's CLIQUE!
Can Sophie really fancy Cairon?! He's a little boy! Oh dear, that's tragic.
I will say about BB I feel straight into it this year, I feel like I've got the measure of nearly everyone already. Which could be because there's not much to know. But you never know. (Except you do)


Sonia said...

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johnifer said...

Hi! You know, I already have a feeling that this big brother is going to be shit viewing.
After the Bitchy ones go out (sophia and lisa) it's going to be like a hippy commune I reckon because most of them are much nicer than they made themselves out to be in their interviews.
Big brother had better have a few tricks up their sleeves I reckon!

johnifer said...

P.S I LOVE Freddie and Rodrigo, I can't make up my mind which one I want to win :)

johnifer said...

Oh dear me. Freddie just did a Belinda belinda belinda jazz freestyle of summertime!!!! hahahahhaha.
Sorry, this is just becoming like spam now :S

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