Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Angel Cake

Hello, I'm a Big Brother contestant and I can't read. When Kris is correcting your syntax, be very afraid. Bet Siavash is regretting going to the DR now. I just can't warm to him, I don't know why.
I thought Rodrigo didn't want to be a wife?
This Tudor task is so shit, why am I not surprised after I actually enjoyed yesterday's show. The only exciting thing is the sexual tension between Angel and Freddie.
Where are the nominations? Aren't they normally today? I had to forward the chicken plucking, I'm a hypocritical meat-eater but no thanks. The quiz was boring as fuck too; I just want to see the dynamics between people, not all this bullshit.
Angel, eating in the bath is WRONG but somehow, with her, it was right.
Oh, the Freddie bashing has begun again, by the very thickest members of the house.
OMG now Angel fancies Norin! What is it with that girl? I want Angel to fancy Freddie! Sree, Marcus, now Angel... oh christ. Why! She's a right sour thing. Does Angel really believe Noirin might be into it? Fuck, this is going to be a worse car crash than Shreesville. This could get really weird. Then Noirin went and dissed her in the DR. Argh.
Glad Charlie can't nominate after all the fuss he makes about people. Serves him right.
Again Karly's attitude towards men reveals her to be quite a sad figure. I pity her if that's what she really thinks about men.
Angel, put some clothes on! Is she attention seeking? Does she really fancy Noirin? I know one thing, I wouldn't want to go in that swimming pool after her.
(Just saw the ad that said housemates have to nominate live tomorrow; shame Charlie is immune after all! PS: I miss diary room uncut.)

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