Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Sound like a pound

Urgh what's with that couch? The colour is vile. Did they get a discount round the back of DFS?
Someone tell Sree 'honest' is pronounced with a silent 'h'. Quick. It's only a matter of time before he's the new Stephan Capegoat in that house, I can see them pouring petrol over him and dancing round the garden. He's someone who has no awareness whatsoever of how he comes across. He'll get a good idea when he comes out though.
Freddie, you're not an anarchist, and neither do you know what an anarchist is. Oh god, a Tory anarchist. Brilliant. Rodrigo wants to meet the Queen. Why? She's not friendly. She's weird. A nice figure? Does Rodrigo know who the Queen is? Perhaps he's got her confused with John Barrowman.
Salad gate! Who gives a fuck? Freddie cares WAY too much what people think. He'll be next on the cull list after Sree. That singing doesn't help either.
Interesting when Sree was talking about an arranged marriage, shouldn't he have been married off by now at 25? I suspect he knows it might be his best option- I can't see any of the Big Brother lot falling for his charms. Still seemed sad, though. He's a mass of contradictions.
What is it with people giving out advice on this show? Angel has been pumping Rodrigo full of crap since day one, yesterdays lesson was 'avoid love and drugs'. Surely not.
Gurn Cotton's knowledge of the Nazis is worse than mine.
Surely Kris isn't going to go for Suffia? He's way out of her league, and I'm not just talking looks-wise either. Mind you, he seems fairly vacant so far. Maybe they can be cut-price Michelle Bass and Chicken Stu.
Why WAS Cairon washing Siavash's hair? I thought he was so anti-gay he didn't even like wiping his own bum. Oh, he's one of THOSE homophobes.
Lisa way to ruin the party, moaning at everyone for having a drink. Fuck off! I can't stand people who don't drink. I don't drink much, but I understand people would need to drink in that environment.
Oh dear; Marcus calling Sophie a 'tit-bird'. Disappointing. Lisa's face when Sree told her her heart was like a big tree was a picture. Sound like a pound! Ha.
I thought the girls looked good dressed up; Gurn Cotton is quite cute with all the black eyeliner and Sophie is generically pretty. Noireen I'm finding a little dull.
I don't like the way Cairon talked about the women, it was horrid. I thought Freddie was uncomfortable with it, too. Sree is too much the other way though; there's no room for a prude in the Big Brother house. I'd like to have seen more of that conversation; he has no right to tell someone what to wear, or call her naive, what an idiot. I didn't know Karly had a boyfriend. I couldn't personally be away from my boyfriend for that long, I'd shrivel up a bit. I'm glad Karly told Cairon about that. But if she really 'knows who she is' she wouldn't let a comment like that get to her.
Then Sree has his arm round Noireen, he takes the mick! He's WAY too touchy-feely.
Oh god, the dreaded age conversation... I'm 18, I'm 25, I'm 35, I'm older than you.. well I'm 105 and I've been around the block, and I know a thing or two about life. At the end of the day, that's just the kind of person I am.


Anonymous said...

Good blog. Freddie = Fratweasal

johnifer said...


lightupvirginmary said...

ah jezza. Thats pretty much ever episode, isnt it?
(I'm hooked on jeremy kyle, is it wrong to sky plus it whilst at work?)

johnifer said...

Haha that is quite wrong but it's probably better than staying in to watch it D:

kirk said...

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