Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Big Brother 10: I have dancing certificates

Angel looked skinny naked. She needs to come off hunger strike. I like her loner tendencies. Could she win it? I think she's too impenetrable.
I thought Sophie took it with good grace when Cairon was insulting her. I wouldn't have been so friendly.
God, everyone hates Sree! I think someone's going to stab him. Why is he not up for nomination? Are they sadists? Even Rodrigo got a bit ruffled today.
I thought Freddie looked mildly sexy today. Not sure why. God Charlie gets on my wick. His haircut does my head in as well, it's so chavvy. Hate him being so chirpy in the DR thinking people can actually tolerate him. I can't stick him.
Liked Marcus getting upset by Sree and then having to go in his group. It's tedious watching them practice a task, especially one relating to Shitty Shitty Bang Bang. I bet I'm the first person EVER to have called it that, right?
Cairon's face when the evictions were announced were a picture. Come on, love, you started on Sree about 5 seconds before he nominated, what do you expect? It annoyed me that everyone was shocked about that and going 'good luck' to him and no one said shit to Freddie. Nasty people. Cairon was 'a bit appalled.' Oh well. Not everyone was shocked when they heard your name, because loads of people voted for you, Cairon. Freddie must stay!
Freddie's random singing was very odd. Are BB trying to make us annoyed with him; it'll take more than that. What does Angel think of him? I'd love to know! Her face gave nothing away! Can you imagine Freddie on coke or on an E? Fucking hell, you'd have to put a muzzle on him.
Sree was playing the nasty Nick game at the end! Freddie is a rose in his garden! Shame everyone can see right through it.
Even though Marcus was begging to be my blog title with his Captain Cool as Fuck bullshit, I'm not convinced he means it, so as usual, Sree wins.
Sree needs to be spayed. It's the only Honest solution.

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