Monday, 8 June 2009

Celebrity Wife Swap

Wife Swap is back! Woo. Except the format is so tired. Even the stereotypes are repeating themselves. Oh yes, it's Jim Davidson all over again! Sexist racist comedian Stan Boardman wife-swaps with annoying, mouthy lesbian Rhona Cameron. It's going to be a good one, at least we know that much.
Oh Christ, she likes football, too. Ha, even her girlfriend admitted she was annoying. Hmm, fussy about eating, lighting, heating... sounds like me!
Stan's house is enormous so there must be money in chauvinism. He has a Nazi uniform in his wardrobe! Lovely.
How stupid is Stan Boardman's wife, Viv.. 'will she expect me to sleep with her?' Would you have slept with the husband if it was a man? Ninny. Stan was taken aback that Rhona was a lesbian 'as she is a lovely looking girl and lots of fellas would fancy her.' Oh dear.
Then Viv dropped two clangers in a row: 'I don't think a normal girl would be as strong as you.' and 'I'd find it more repulsive to see two men kissing.' Nice. Keep digging!
Oh God. Viv is more of a chauvinist than Stan. She compared gay people to paedophiles! Christ. How thick is she? She's ten times as bad as him. At least she appeared to learn her lesson though. He didn't really seem that bad at all.
That was weird when Rhona and her girlfriend met back up; they looked all awkward together. You can tell a lot about those reunions, y'know.
Aw it all worked out quite nicely in the end. Rubbish! Bring back Lizzie Bardsley.

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Laura said...

I think Vivs stupidity really shone through when she equated gay couples adopting to paedophiles adopting, poor deluded woman. It was a funny one though!