Saturday, 13 June 2009

Big Brother 10: Pieces of Meat

Bless Sree. If he's not up for eviction next week I'll be agog. His attitude stinks! He truly believes he's the only person ever in the right, and no matter who talks to him or tries to tell him what's what, the boy just does not listenings.
Was Angel shaving her forehead?! Why?
Siavash; no one fancies you, you look like like you did some acid, went down Scope and forgot what size clothes you wore. Does he really believe he's as attractive as he makes out? Can he? The outfit BB made him wear could easily have been one of his own creations, it's equally silly.
The Kris/ Sophie fauxmance is tedious already. He seems more into her than she's into him, but it's all much of a muchness. Either of them might as well be doing their hair in front of the mirror for all the chemistry that's being generated.
Ciaron looks about 5 years old in his little drummer boy hat. Liked Sophie asking how many girls Kris had slept with. I've been trying to think of an insulting nickname for Kris and my boyfriend suggested 'The Mighty Douche' as he looks like the one who isn't Noel Fielding. But I'm not convinced he does? Still, if the cap fits... *cliche alert*
I didn't think much of the way Karly dealt with Sophie in the shower, saying The Mighty Douche is a jack the lad and he'll have girls throwing themselves at him. So what, they are in there for 3 months, they can have fun whilst it lasts. Her nose is just out of joint cos no one fancies her. She does have a boyfriend though, so what does she expect?
Did not like Lisa's bullying of Freddie, because that's what it was. Going 'don't speak to me like that' whilst talking to him like he's a piece of shit was not cool. I was open to going either way on her; well it's just gone the other. I'm glad Freddie was still being happy in the face of adversity. He could win it if the others keep turning on him.
Marcus summed everyone up very nicely. It took me a minute to clock he was calling himself a prize bit of beef, the male equivalent of Sophie, and not just a body in that 'bit of meat' speech. He rates himself spectacularly high. Where is he from? Oh god, he called Sree the 'underdog': wait for a 'that is an insult in my culture' drama.
I'm glad Karly is annoyed by Marcus. Marcus rules! He didn't quite call her a piece of meat in the sense she thought; he was actually right for the most part. She is just totty, really, I've not seen anything of substance yet.
Handjob at the end? Honestly, Maxwell and Saskia were more convincing than this pair.
'Kind of person' count: 12 billion.

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