Thursday, 25 June 2009

Big Brother 10: I'm a robot, I'm half alien

Is Sree president at his university? He hasn't mentioned it. Getting increasingly fucked off that Angel and Freddie are up; every sane person thinks it's a travesty.
I think Angel was just winding up Noirin, but Noirin has no sense, so she didn't get it.
Marcus, PMT? WTF? What is wrong with him! He does talk a right load of old dross, but at least he had a pop at Noirin. Haha, scouring himself in the shower! By the sounds of things, he needs it, the stinky fucker.
I don't care about this whole pregnancy/fat thing, it's tedious. Noirin is such a cunt. Angel is acting like someone's mad old nan, but it's literally that; acting.
Do carrots grow on trees? No they don't, and Jade is dead in the ground, so let her thick card die with her.
Poor Freddie. No one gave a crap that he was up. No one said sorry to him or Angel. He looks cute with eyeliner on. Ohh Marcus looked pissed off about Freddie being up- good. Sree was right; Freddie is the strongest. Marcus isn't stupid, and I think he has probably twigged he's next on the hitlist; and he's worried.
Maybe in the next 1000 years people will understand Freddie and Angel.
Fuck a duck, I forgot to post this, and now michael jackson has died. If I tag his name, I might get tons of hits *graverobber*
Will they tell the Big Brother contestants?

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