Monday, 11 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Royal-pissed

I was liking Shev until she said '' and then it made me think of A.Burke (never a good thing). Chris is desperately trying to take the heat off him: 'your real personality will come out now and again' - yeah, we noticed that the other night, you frog-voiced fuck.
I'm not sure that Lauren is 'too nice'. I find her quite irritating. She's nicey-nicey but that's something different.
Lydia is stirring that pot up GOOD. I hope she stays in. My boyfriend reckons all the big characters are going to go after each other and we're going to be left with dullards. It's possible.
Is Becky's boring story about unbranded foods really a 'highlight'? If so, we really are screwed.
Arron and Adam are both saying they're not going to be 'sheeple' and nominate with the group. We'll see. Oh no, Adam's told Chris they can talk about noms. Boo.
Interesting that Benedict said Lydia was his favourite housemate. Adam is very popular, which is not surprising. Deana and Becky are an odd couple. Deana gives nothing away; Becky gives it all away. Deana is being weird about finding out about the task. Becky does actually like you, it's not a game. Don't be nasty to her; what could she do? Becky shouldn't apologise for being nice to someone.
I hate Caroline. Her two-person alliance with Scott is going to be vulnerable; two people is not enough to protect you; I've seen it too many times. They need another recruit but they're too odious. I find Scott quite creepy, which is a shame, as normally I can't get enough of a posh gay guy.
Is Becky just ignoring Deana now? If so, that is low. I thought she genuinely did like her. I'd be deflated, too.
Ashleigh's not going to pass herself off as Californian with those gnashers. PS: Anyone can do an American accent; ANYONE.
They don't show enough of Benedict. Although at the exact moment he said, 'Deana was upset cos it was her time of the month.' which was a bit saddening.
Why is Scott having a go at Deana? Not enough attention on him. Maybe Deana is weaker than I thought. Becky is being quite insensitive, I think. She's got what she wanted and it seems like she doesn't give a fuck, now.
Lauren has a canny knack of knowing when people are talking about her and sticking her oar right in. Has she got bat hearing? Whispering under a rug (whilst Lydia's trying to make toast) in the kitchen is pretty pathetic. Why don't they go somewhere private and talk? Where's the love nest/ den?
Becky reminds me of Kat (happy, happy house) in that she tries to come over so loveable, but I suspect she might be rotten inside. Someone like that can easily win it; just look at Denise Welch (no don't, she's probably got her rotten knockers out).
I think Lydia is my favourite. I like the fact she doesn't sit on the fence, she gets indignant all the time, and she stands up for people and herself. She reminds me of Bidisha in a way, in that she just grates on some people, but I can't help wanting to support her.
Deana is not happy with the 'sausage situation'. She seems a bit wet. I think you have to be a bit tougher to survive in that house.
Why is Sara banging on about the Queen being so wonderful? 'She is 86 and still works?' She's also a multi-fucking-millionaire who has been born into privilege and has someone WEAR IN HER SHOES FOR HER and can't even be bothered to SMILE ONCE AT A FOUR DAY PARTY FOR HER. And she's a lizard who drinks babies blood, but that goes without saying. STFU, Sara, you just lost my vote forever. She's either very drunk or insane. It certainly didn't do much for her credibility. Sara and Lauren can both go fuck a duck, to be honest. Toothy turnips and about as reliable as the Big Brother producers.
Lydia is so good in the Diary Room. I'd love to see her go head to head with Michelle Heaton. About 3 people said she was their favourite person in the house. But one false move and she'll be a goner; the public will eat her alive. PS: God fuck the Queen. And football. Goodnight.

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