Saturday, 30 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Remember the Reebok pumps?

So I've read about Conor now, and was pleased to see that people were as disgusted with him as me. 1,000 complaints to Ofcom and they still don't listen. My boyfriend said, 'the producers complete misjudged the situation' and he's quite right. I can't even look at Conor on my screen, and any attempt they make to have him being humorous sticks in my craw. It's like putting a clown's nose on Ian Huntley and going 'well it might have happened the way he said it and he loves his mum'. And don't even come to me going 'how can you compare a child killer to a reality TV show contestant' - easily! It's that kind of misogynistic hate speech that tells twisted men who hate women that speaking to women like that is OK. As for their statement saying it was 'out of character' - one, I don't think it is, and two, so if I accidentally beat someone to death but I'd had a bad day so it was 'out of character', is that OK? Not throwing Conor out on his ear has basically said, 'it's fine to talk about women as if they're pieces of meat to be raped and punched.' Nice work, Channel 5!  
Deana has shown her teeth a couple of times now; if she wants to get my vote she's going to have to take it up a notch or 700. Why is she concerned about Becky being fat? Health reasons... kiss my arse. It's got fuck all to do with her. Haha, I knew that annoyed Becky. Becky should bring out a diet book called 'well, you might die tomorrow.' Plus you might as well never read a newspaper, never learn about history, and never get a job. Mightdietomorrowlol!
I quite liked that conversation between Luke A and Becky as it was human and not about 'game'. Reebok pumps! I thought Becky seemed reasonably interested and didn't ask too many silly questions. So much has been made of the 'sides' in the house that it's hard to not see them as a mass of evil or a mass of fencesitters. More scenes like this please, so we can actually decide if we like any of these boring bastards after all.
Why is Lydia talking to people like that! You can't have it both ways; boasting about being in magazines, and then getting touchy about Michelle Heaton. I thought Michelle Heaton was a psychotic cow - ASL clearly has a type (but Lydia is still a step up from that orange Bridezilla).
Arron: 'girls just throw themselves at me.' Grow up, little boy. His pathetic trying to fuck Sara cos there's nothing else going on in the house is the very bottom of the barrel-scrape of showmances - it makes Ashleigh and Luke look like Tom Cruise and Katie... oh.
Ah I could almost shed a tear hearing Lydia go on about the 'DR'. Send her out to BBUSA, she would be the new Janelle or Rachel 'no one comes between me and my man'. That country knows how to appreciate a feisty, ball-busting female.
Why is Arron being so nice to Deana? It's ALMOST like he's been told to. Luckily, she sees right through it. I hope Lydia does come back like a bad penny.
Adam must wonder what on earth is going on, seeing all his friends walk out the door each week.
Conor: 'that's what I wanted.' Do you know what I wanted? You thrown out on your ear, you disgusting ignorant pig-faced unintelligible cunt. Adam's not the gorilla: you are. Conor and Arron make the Jungle Cats look like Hello Kitty and Monkichini.
Scott, your proper response to that punishment should have been 'really sorry you lost the table, guys.' not 'it's only a fucking table'. Rude little oik. Still, at least the boys are pissed off about it.
Conor's looking very annoyed! Let's hope he doesn't have an 'out of character' episode again soon. In actuality an 'out of character' episode for Conor would be stringing a sentence together.
I've seen loads of people speaking to people I never normally see them speaking to tonight; makes you wonder just how much we're missing without live feed.
Oh, Sara, are you really getting that desperate now? Literally you've done NOTHING in that house since you had a crying fit about the Royal Family. Arron is handling himself so beautifully right now. Proper catch, he is - he makes Justin Beiber look grown up.
Arron is saying it in a really stupid way but he's actually right, Scott should have said sorry. I think Scott just said the word 'table' about 500 times. Gay blokes don't care about table football. The end.
Luke: 'Lydia guided us.' Yes, she did. Just the wrong way unfortunately.
The mean girls are now digging Becky's grave. Hope they got a big spade. They're completely right about her, of course.
Oh god, just stop TALKING Shev. It's just words but they aren't interesting. 'We don't know each other in here' - well you've lived there a fucking month with nothing to do, try talking to people, you absolute bell-end.
Looks like there's going to be a few people up for eviction next week as there's so much hatred going in so many different directions. I hate everyone so I don't mind who goes. I'd like to see Conor vs Caroline but I can't see it happening. The idiot nation would still probably save Conor cos he's cute or something, ignoring the fact he's got a hitler haircut and finds rape talk a right laff.
Becky: 'I'm 19.' Oh, boo hoo. I'm 32 and I'm having to watch this crap. There's not one clever, funny or interesting person left in that house, so I just have to sit here, full of bile, for the next few weeks until they ship in some fucking Made in Chelsea rejects, Leandro Penna and Paul Danan. Now that's something to moan about.

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