Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Verne Baby Verne

Poor Verne! How embarrassing being harangued to get off the toilet when you have chilli-bum! It's moments like that you really need to be on your own.
Michelle was astute predicting the nature of her demise. Ben- THREE SCUNT ACTION. Not needed!
Coolio's acting was super-camp. Verne looked good with the video camera. You can tell that 'ego' comment really got to Ulrika, didn't it, she's only mentioned it in EVERY SINGLE TASK SINCE. Get over it!
Terry's take off of Tina was spot-on. I have a funny feeling he didn't like her quite as much as he seemed to! No one could even be fucked to imitate Mutya! Ha.
Who PUT Verne in that highchair? It seems somewhat exploitative? I think he rather enjoyed beating up Coolio and La Toya.
I loved them all snoozing at Terry's history schtick. Very cute. I enjoyed this task a lot.
Verne snogging and stroking that baby and calling it Mutya will be giving Mutya nightmares for years to come, I'm sure. The word creepy is insufficient. Verne is a misogynistic, nasty little drunk but he gets away with murder. I can't think why (ahem). If he was average sized, I think he'd be a disliked housemate, as he's generally quite introverted. I do like Verne, though, despite his flaws, and not because he's 'cute' (although he can be). He's got an interesting story, and I like his anti-socialness. But he's still not as good a winner as Terry.
I liked Big Brother playing mind games with them all. Loved Terry and Coolio cuddling. Terry was loving it! He even started smoking his fag in a camp manner. Coolio's blatant homophobia was tragic. And Ulrika's Swedish dissing of them all was great. Big Brother should do that sort of crap constantly.
I like it when very shallow people declare some dumb comment to be 'deep'. Deep normally means using words of more than one syllable. Coolio did have a point; why WAS Ben letting Michelle cut his hair?!
Did you clock how when Davina came on the screen, Ulrika immediately uncovered her shoulders? What was that all about? She didn't look very upset this time around either; something tells me she wants to make it to Friday now. There's something steely in her that upsets people, but it's how she's got where she is now.
That was weird when Michelle left they played crowd noise; normally they let the housemates listen for the boos. Verne looked a bit sad after.
Coolio, the word is 'proud', not 'prideful.' Don't make me come in there.
Interesting Terry did his real nominations when they were doing the fake nominations. I think he likes to be very upfront; so upfront he bugs people, but at least he's at peace with himself.
Verne was actually right when he said in the greater scheme of things history means nothing. One meteor could put pay to all the art and science on the planet. But at the same time; to look at life like that is kind of depressing. It's nice to feel like you have a place in space and time. For example, today America inaugurated the first black president, not that you'd know it from my blog.
I liked the low-level tension when Verne was dissing Coolio. Coolio gives him a lot of leeway, which I like to watch.I liked the bit at the end when Verne said he was starstruck by Coolio, it was very honest and Coolio was almost gracious about it. They have an interesting and very real dynamic to their relationship. You got the feeling Ben wasn't really feeling it. But then robots can't cry, can they? And he sure aint no international superstar.


johnifer said...

I hate to admit it but I am warming to Coolio... I hope Terry wins though.

Celebrity Gossip said...

Who will win..congrats to you and and enjoy your prizes..Good luck to the contestant..the episode is more exciting.