Saturday, 10 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: Butt plugs with horse-tails

I watched a good chunk of the live feed last night and I thought it was fascinating seeing how up on his history Terry Christian was. He held court really comfortably. I was envious of how knowledgable he appeared; I'd kill to know that much about any given subject. I think intelligence is so attractive in people, It excites me if someone uses an impressively long word in the right context. I saw a different side to Coolio; he's rough around the edges but he wants to learn about the world, and that's no bad thing. No doubt he will be portrayed in the same dogged light in the highlights though. And he does himself no favours, let's be honest.
Good to see Mutya lose it a bit tonight; sulking and demanding her 'oinkment'. She's been too quiet so far.
Surprise surprise Tina 'can I just say something' Malone was taking over the shopping list, basically snatching the peanut butter out of Verne's little hands. What's with the hot water obsession, too? Just boil a fucking kettle, you old bag. Her muttering under her breath at Coolio is utterly pathetic; say it to his FACE! You don't DARE. You are all bluff and bluster and NO FUCKING BALLS. Nice try with the false lashes; you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig, right, Obama?
I was shocked when scunt-wearer extraordinaire Ben Adams mentioned butt plugs with horse-tails on. Is he gonna whip out his gimp mask later and give Heaton a glood flogging? (Urgh! Apologies for that image)
Was Ulrika pretending to cry? I couldn't work that out. It was a bit selfish to steal the limelight like that as Lucy got the heave-ho and moaning cos she didn't get kicked out; people spent money kicking Lucy out to save you. I can't stand people harping on about wanting to leave; it's so boring. Stop making it hard for me to defend you, woman! I thought Coolio dealt with her quite nicely.
No sign of the late night chat in the highlights; it doesn't give me much hope of having well-rounded housemates in there in the summer. Obviously arguments about the shopping list are WAY more exciting than Terry Christian's views on slavery and Coolio's plans to make Terry a star in the US and get him a doctorate from Princeton (just on the basis he's watching a lot of the History channel). Boo.

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