Thursday, 15 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: I'm Not Being Funny, but...

How fat must your fanny be to want to get it lipo-ed? TMI, Tina. Nice comedy timing falling off the chair too. She's really dreamy!
Tommy and Coolio are crappy not doing the task. I'd be annoyed if I was in there and they were being so fucking lazy.
That Michelle catching Verne thing seemed like a bit of a health and safety issue. I don't think would have happened on Mario's watch. Verne just wanted a bit of contact with Michelle.
'I'm not being funny right, but we're going to get 100,000 hits on the website.' FAIL! I saw her mouthing off about this on the live feed too, she was seriously gutted. As Nelson of The Simpsons would say, Ha-ha!
Ben smoking in that costume was a pure fire hazard! Mario, come back! Then he did a Liz McDonald behind the sofa. Subtle! I don't know if he really frightened Ulrika or if she was just humouring him.
Does La Toya do anything? She's the perfect example of flying under the radar. She looked happy when Ulrika fucked up her task though.
I liked that piano task, it was cool. I want to play giant piano! I like Mut-E-ya.
What did Tina go 'told you' for about the hits? I'm not being funny but but she said they were gonna get 100,000 hits because she's in Shameless on Channel 4. Shame no one watches it because it's a load of shit.
In Verne vs Ulrika, Ulrika was actually in the right. She DIDN'T say that about La Toya; I rewound it on my freeview. Ulrika is controlling but on that point she was in the right, I concur.
Tina, my dear: it's not CLICK, it's CLIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh, I hate you so much. Finally she got off her arse and gave Ulrika a hug; after about ten minutes.
Pretty poor tonight. Hey ho.

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