Monday, 5 January 2009

Documentary: Surviving Gazza

Which vulture do you hate the least? That's what it comes down to, isn't it.
Sheryl Gascoigne must have been certifiably insane to take him back. She only needs to look in a mirror to see what has become of a life with that man. She looks hard-faced and drawn, utterly joyless. What was her motivation for taking him back? What was any of their motivation for filming the whole fucking car crash?
He looks like he has a terminal illness; which really, he does. A self-inflicted one.
How funny that Gazza's son hates football. He probably just hates it because he hates his father.
I can't stand drunks; and I remember very well the pictures of Sheryl after he beat the shit out of her. He never deserved a second chance under any circumstances, years later or otherwise.
It was gross to see the way he treated his children. Sheryl was irresponsible even having him in the house, in my opinion, it's too damaging on everyone's psyche. She should not have let him back into her life, she's living in fairlyland if she thinks he'll ever change. I was totally on the youngest kid's side; he had absolutely washed his hands of him and he was absolutely right. Gazza doesn't give a fuck about them, so why waste your energy?
Dear God, let me never find myself sobbing watching my wedding video. Portentious words spoken by Gazza; 'I'm very proud of her for having the guts to marry me, she must be mad.' Quite.
How many times are you going to let someone punch you, let you down, hang up on you? It's sad to be a victim. It's sad he's made his family that. But really; they should have cut their losses long before. I don't believe 'blood is thicker than water'. If people treat you like shit; fuck them. You don't owe anyone anything because you share a last name. It's not right to terrorise your family. The drama just gets tiring after a while. Sheryl is on a guilt trip but she's going to fuck her kids up in the process, especially the little one, because he'll lose respect for her in the end as well.
Her kids should have been more supportive when she finally said enough is enough. If that was my mum I would have begged her never to contact him again. What about HER mental health? He's just a selfish drunk fuck. The problem with people like Gazza (and George Best before him) is that everywhere they go there's some moronic football fan ready to kiss their arse and buy them a drink. But that's still no excuse.
I can't believe the kid rang him up and he went 'who?' Fucking hell. I would have no more gone to Portugal for that intervention than I would have gone on holiday to Afghanistan. And that kid should have been kept out of it entirely. Experiences like that leave their mark.
Let him drink himself to death- just like Best. I'm not sorry. He had everything. The man is an idiot. Fuck him.

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