Monday, 12 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009: I just can't get enough electric shocks... Patrick Wolf once sang. And he goes on; 'I want to buy a lighthouse and ride a giraffe on the rocks.' And why not? But I digress.
What the fuck does 'high-handed' mean anyway!? It's a weird old expression. No one is coming out of this situation very well. I was interested to hear La Toya's views on Ulrika, as she has no prior knowledge of her, and can only be going on what she sees.
I LOVED the camera panning to Verne when they mentioned porn. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing his porno yet, but believe me, I've looked (I'm depraved.) I DID find the 'incident' Coolio mentioned, which was funny as hell, I think I need to download some of that Surreal Life show. Big Brother UK must seem exceedingly vanilla by comparison.
Tina was mouthing off about nothing as usual. Yap, yap, yap. Put the doggy down, it's gone rabid! At least they are starting to see through her now.
Oh my god, I have never heard so much whining about people wanting to leave! We get it, you're in it for the MONEY! How about providing some laughs whilst you're at it, you grasping shrews?
Ooh, La Toya; stirring it up, with her talk of romance and eye-talk! That hat was nutty. Tina just agreeing with everything she said was DULL! If Tina cared about Michelle she would have shut down that conversation straight away. Naughty.
Did they give Verne an entire roast chicken? It looked like it! The yanks had ever heard of Richard Blackwood?! Well I never. Haha they had still forgotten Barrymore. Alwight?! Tommy seemed to be rather ENJOYING his electric shocks, didn't he? Gross.
I like it when Verne gets a bit pissy with Coolio. It's amusing.
Aw, see Tina hiding her belly behind a cushion! Shame. It was a good task, but it's recycled. Time for some new ideas.
Coolio! Sexual harrassment! Mutya; unhealthy attitudes towards women, relationships and men. No male friends? Tragic.
Oh my God, then Tina broke her confidence to La Toya! The woman has NO integrity whatsoever. Ulrika had the public mood UTTERLY wrong about Tina. She was quite right about Ben though; he gives nothing away. Except in the diary room, where he said he didn't fancy Michelle. Ouch!
I love it when Yanks say 'shag'.
Oh yeah, and read Charlie B's BB bloggy cos it's better than mine (obv).


johnifer said...

Ew did you see tina biting her toenails last night? Rank.

lightupvirginmary said...

The fact she did it WHILST HAVING A CONVERSATION with Ulrika was the most disturbing bit. *shudder*