Monday, 29 August 2011

Celebrity Big Brother - Pull yourself together, you're a grown up

What the fuck would we do if Jedward wasn't in the house? Where would the entertainment be? Darren grumbling, Amy's thousand yard stare, Lucien Laviscount's burgeoning hatred of the fairer sex?
Kerry, if you miss your kids so much why don't you just fuck off? No one would miss you.
I think Darryn is right that the booze affected Tara last night. Kerry is mad because her 'I miss my kids' schtick is being ignored. Because we're sick of hearing about it.
I swear, Jedward could entertain themselves in a prison cell.
Kerry - highly sexed? Please, fucking spare us. Lucien is one sexist SOAB. He's got a lot to learn.
Pamela's name dropping is mental. Charles and Diana are brother and sister? I think the Queen might have something to say about that. Oh, she did mean Earl Spencer. Still not the most famous Charles connected to Diana.
Nominations! At last, This is what we've been waiting for. If you don't want to hear Pamela moaning, stop asking her if she's OK, Amy. I totally agree with Amy's reason for nominating of Bobby.
Bobby nominated Pamela for sleep walking! A bit harsh. And I don't believe he's nominating Darryn because of the cooking, do you?
Darryn, Bobby made you drink his own sweat and you're nominating Tara? You cock. I'm surprised he didn't nominate Jedward, either. I think he knows it would be a wasted vote.
Yay, Jedward nominated Lucien! Yes! And Darryn. Their nominations were ace.
Fuck Kerry Katona nominating Tara for 'mood swings'. She can talk!
Jedward don't seem to have much understanding of personal space, do they?
I liked Paddy's nomination of Bobby for toast bribery.
I'm glad Bobby's getting a few noms. I think Pamela needs to take heeds of these nominations. I'd hate to find out I just don't listen.
Jedward as babies was amazing. I was crying with laughter. They have no shame! They are so naive and strange and alien.
All this focus on Pamela/Kerry is sooooo boring. I hope she goes so we can see more Jedward baby action instead.
My boyfriend told me they WERE allowed to talk about nominations! I've heard them talk about nominations at least ten times so far. Tara was telling everyone who to nominate last week. Why are they cracking down today?
And why is Bobby having a go at Tara because HE GOT CAUGHT OUT. That man is such prize-winning cunt. He's a self-obsessed, stuck up prick of the highest order who can't even keep a consistent personality going on for half a day.
Jedward: 'If we want to use big words in conversation we will, but we don't want to waste out time.' Genius.
I wish Lucien Laviscount would drop dead sometime soon as well. I don't care about his feelings or his fauxmance with Kerry.
Yes, I am a bit angry today. I need a lie down.


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lightupvirginmary said...

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