Saturday, 12 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Pure slamming

I watched some more live feed tonight and saw Mario going through murders carrying out his tasks! It's really mental torture for him. Naughty BB.
Sunshine, stop grilling Mario, you arsehole. I feel so sorry for him. He looks shattered, pasty, sad... it's just not fair.
Task: they didn't look like they were putting their clothes on very fast to me. I'd have been quicker.
Mario giving Ben a sly pat. Aw. He's born to lose at the moment. No love for the mole.
Look at John James, with his diamanté earrings glinting in the sun. Why would you say on TV you're a 30-second man? Pure slamming! Lovely.
Not many girls in Australia like giving blowjobs, or just to the 30-second man? He finds it demeaning! His personality is demeaning. I couldn't work out if he was serious or not.
OMG they've permitted Dave access to the Bible! This is bullshit. If he can get 'possessed' by God, why does he need to read it? Boo to religion.
Dave, you might as well say 'what goes around comes around'; it's quicker.
Handwash-gate. Zzz. Fiancee getting bugged by Sunshine; inevitable.
Mario's 'poker face' whilst stealing those fags was one of pure panic.
'Mario, show me how to use the toilet'- fuck off Sunshine. 'Why were you in your room?' Is he not allowed to go in his own room now? Maybe he wanted to get away from your Lady Gargoyle mush.
Shabby's idea of winding the other housemates up seems deranged, given she's in a popularity contest. Still, good news for Mario.

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