Thursday, 24 June 2010

Documentary: Kerry and Me

A documentary about Kerry Katona; well it can't be anything worse than what I saw on that MTV show. Even Jeremy Kyle would have turned his nose up. Come on, let's just pick, pick, pick at the carcass.
I like the Jon Ronson styling. Mrs Jon Ronson, without the gravitas. Urgh, Mark Croft. Please let me never lay eyes on him again.
Kerry Katona can resign; she simply needs to move to another country. Believe me, no one would be interested. Scratching, gurning. Good times.
He stitched her up, I'm sure of it. He's a nasty bastard. I'm really glad she escaped his grip.
LOL I like the Mark and Kerry commemorative plate that was in Heat magazine, we had a good guffaw at that at the time. Kerry's house is disgusting, inside and out. The furniture, the fixtures and fittings. It's all just really tasteless.
Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem can fuck off as well. They couldn't give a shit about those kids, or they wouldn't stay on the opposite side of the world.
Wouldn't one 'life coach' do if she's trying to save money? She's never read her own life story! Surely you'd remember it at least?
Looks like Kerry Katona got out of the marriage just before she had to strip off on top of a fruit machine.
If I was Kerry Katona I would look at my mother and be very, very afraid.
So she basically dumped Mark for her career. I don't blame her. She should have done it years before. He is scum.
Mark: 'never anything's been proven about me cheating.' That's not how an innocent person talks. An innocent person says, 'I didn't do anything.'
Poor kiddywinks. They don't even have those Iceland prawn rings to fall back on now. The cruel truth is, those kids look like council house kids, and that house is just one giant council house. And I don't say that from an air of superiority; we're all dragged up in one way or another.
Having said that, that section where they were getting the kids ready for school and they played music over the top, they were just basically calling them yokels. Lovely.
What's Mark going to do with his fruit machines now? Just add another K to the KK. That's about the level of good publicity they'll have.
I'm not surprised Kerry Katona dumped Mrs Ronson. She wasn't even getting paid for that! She's gonna be the new Jordan now. I don't blame her for moving away from that man, he's revolting.
Ha to Kerry coming out looking all chic and ignoring the crew. Still, the documentary wasn't that much of a hatchet job. I saw a lot worse on MTV. Generally, this show was grim. Not very good, and just the drubbings from the reality show floor. I feel dirty.

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