Thursday, 24 June 2010

Big Brother 11: I'm not of a lego mind

Backwards day! That's apt, because half the house is backwards. Did they actually EAT a curry for breakfast? Vom.
God, tasks are so dull, even backwards. What's the point, they know they passed anyway.
A lot of them seem to quite like Sunshine, but I'm not sure why. Maybe she's like a little sister type. They can pull her pigtails.
Josie; 'Mario's getting better looking by the day'. I agree. I liked her seagull story! She's got a good way of telling a story. Seagulls are a menace.
Ben is SO camp. He's such good value, I'd be gutted if he left. How does John James know about Tescos? Do they have one down Yabbie Creek?
Why is John James being all sensitive and caring with Sunshine. It's making me uneasy!
Oh, Dave. You're really boring. Even your controversy is tedious.
Wow, this lot really talk about nominations a LOT. Keever is getting on my wick now. She's just like a big pasty giggling snoozefest.
Oh god, we're onto best mate and SECOND best mate bullshit with Shabby now. Pathetic. This is tragic.
Why isn't equality for all possible? Because people like Ben exist. It's easy to believe in 'an elite' managing things when you are one of the elite. John raised a very good question 'so do you believe there should be a top dog in the house?' and Ben admitted not. Like, there goes your theory. John plays on being stupid a bit, and it works quite well for him.
Did Ben say he wasn't of a 'lego mind'?
I'm glad they're getting bollocked for discussing nominations. I'm getting sick of it.
Nathan seems like a wholly unpleasant individual, with allegiances to no one but himself. Is he going to tell Steve not to bitch? Is he FUCK.
Shabby's going to stay silent all day long. I'd sponsor that.
Ben is CONSTANTLY apologising! No wonder he wants that society with him in charge. He's not playing games any more than anyone else. Why aren't they ripping it out of Shabby or Govan?
My boyfriend just said 'John James basically has his own set of rules that don't apply to anything or anyone else in the world' and they don't apply to him either. Mentalz.
I can see Ben being a politician. I love the fact he wants to keep the hot water thing to himself. Normally they're so desperate to take the rap and seem whiter than white.
Ife is separating herself from Keever and Shabby. Shabby and Keever are crazy to isolate themselves to a group of two; it's so easy to nominate a group of two. Don't they understand how Big Brother works?
I liked the end when they woke them all up. Heh. SAVE BEN!

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