Friday, 27 June 2014

Big Brother 2014: Boo it to your face

Well, what a horrible week it's been in the Big Brother house. The reason I haven't blogged every day is because how many different ways can I say I hate these people and the arguing is depressing? It's been  painful to watch.
But is there hope Ash might go tonight? My only mistake is I'm hoping. But Danielle survived against Tamara, and Toya has been given a quiet edit for a day or two, so there is hope. I think the hatred for Helen is strong and whoever in the house said 'guilt by association' was right. Ash could be in big trouble.
I see Ashleigh failed in her mission to stop Danielle wearing 'the eyelashes that make her look like a transvestite' - her words, not mine. I think Danielle looks fine dolled up. It's a relief when any of the girls have their make up on!
Helen reminds me of kids who have free travel on the bus and only have it revoked if they misbehave. Helen HAS the free travel, and still she keeps banging on the driver's booth. So take the fucking Oyster card of her, Big Brother, you baby. Or she's going to stab someone on the top deck. Have I laboured that enough?
Chris giving it the bi-curious storyline! True gaming. You're not 10% gay if you've never even kissed a guy. I think you'd have to at least do a handjob for 10%.
Danielle and Ashleigh: the world's dreariest washer women.
Matthew is getting on my nerves a bit now; he's got some good one liners but I don't like the way he looks down on Helen because she's a 'chav.' Hate Helen because she's Helen, by all means, but stop being so superior. You're coming across as a bit of a douche, frankly.
Setting Steven up to do this words task is quite funny because it's the sort of bullshit he would say. I'd rather he didn't do it while eating an apple, though. And when Winston is dissing you for having never read a book, you know you're a pure dimlo.
Mark is not going to be able to balance being friends with both Helen and Matthew for long.
I can't work out what the crowd are chanting. Must be 'get someone out' again.
Jale is safe. Jale WILL go at some point. Maybe when there's not 40 people on the block. Ooh, Christopher is safe too (again). And Chris! I think Chris is my favourite right now. He's is just 'someone off a course' to quote my boyfriend, but you'd be glad to be in his breakout group. Could probably get him to either do the writing or stand up and explain what your group did, too.
Toya is actually right about Jale being desperate to be liked by Helen. Jale is a total flip-flopper; as is Mark to a lesser extent.
Chris storylining with this bisexual nonsense. Never mind. We've all got to have a 'journey' right?
Ooh good they're showing this 'If Ash went, Helen would crumble' bit. Ash is twitching about it in the Diary Room too! 'I think I'm a nice guy.' Nice guys don't have to tell everyone they're nice guys. People know. You? Not so much, maggot.
Fuck, I just voted to evict Ash again. This Big Brother is getting expensive.
Eyebrow-gate! No shit Mark is a drama queen, Toya, and thank God he's in there, and I never thought I'd say that. Steven is just 'formulating opinions.' We saw Kimberly's boyfriend on BOTS so I don't think Steven's got much hope, bless him.
Uh oh, the crowd are chanting 'get Toya out'. No, don't. Winston is the only person getting a cheer now. Ash is twitching because he wasn't saved first this week. The crowd DO seem super loud tonight. And someone is chanting 'Rooney'!
Ugh, Marlon is safe so it's either Toya or Ash. Please let it be Ash!
Fuck! I can't believe it was Toya. That's £1.50 down the drain. 'Remember what I told you.' Be careful with those words in the Big Brother house. I reckon it was close, you know. Toya did get on my nerves, but she had a lot more to offer than Ash. Why is she getting booed so much? For sticking up for herself? That was a golden opportunity missed there. Total nightmare. One white woman, then two black women in three weeks. Says it all, doesn't it. It's not even fair that Toya was the power housemate and got evicted anyway. Another bullshit twist.
Toya is handling herself very well. She looks good and she's talking sense. Helen IS sucking the fun out of the house. Toya has some annoying affectations; 'conversating' for example, but I enjoyed 'beep is going to hit the fan' and the double thumbs down when she left the house.
Oh God, who's going to get the power now? It's like having leprosy. Oh, girl power. An all girls alliance. It's shameful they have to make all the girls safe just to stop them being evicted one after another. I agree with positive discrimination, it's just a shame it has to be that way. Up the patriarchy. Still, at least Ash or Marlon will go next time. And is Jale safe this week?
So no podcast until Sunday as Billy Bile is hard at work! But then I get to watch Big Brother US so it will be worth the wait! Whoop. Fingers crossed it's not wall to wall cunts like this lot.
Oh yeah, my tweet was in the Daily Star today. Probably the stupidest and least funny tweet I've ever written: I actually disagree with myself in it. So that's something. Still, rather a tweet than my boobs, hey?

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