Thursday, 15 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: I'll sell my soul, what is it worth?

Twist! Well, I know part of what happens (ie. I know they don't really leave), but didn't watch the video of it as the website crashed. I'm glad I don't know it all, though. No one likes a know it all.
My boyfriend likes it when the twins just endlessly list items of food, so you think he'd be enjoying this task. He doesn't seem to be though. Not the squash! That steamroller guy had a good deadpan expression.
They're getting to the twist bit early! Good. Gina is wearing her 'escort' wear and three inches of foundation.
Sophie: 'I wanna just sit here.' Well, what's new?
I needed my boyfriend to explain this task to me because I couldn't work it out! Ha. Charlie would do well to take the money in this task because she has zero chance of winning.
I love the way Dexter looks today, he's dressed like he's going to work on Wall Street.
Sam must be pretty confident he's going to win, or does he really just want to stay in for the whole show?
Dexter, how much is your journey worth?
Twin: 'I don't want to be seen as the bastard who takes all the money, like last year.' Kudos!
Dexter looked sad when he was the one with the lowest amount. Dexter's crying over getting £88,000! Strategy times.
OMG! Dexter is safe for being the least greedy. How ironic. Ooh, he has to put Gina or Sophie up. Put Gina up! He'll put Sophie up. He did. Hurrah! She deserves to go over him.
I'm so pleased Dexter is safe and I don't give a fuck what any of those weasels thing of him.
Shut up, Sam! Of course Dexter's a game player. That's why he's been so entertaining and you HAVE NOT.
I love the way Dexter sits in the Diary Room chair. I love the faces he pulls. His little finger is more entertaining than any of the others, except Gina, and Gina's blown it.
Who cares if Dexter DID want the money?! Maybe he thought his journey WAS worth £88,000. What right to they have to dig him out about it? Dexter: 'I nearly picked the pound.' Ha.
Honestly, you'd think the money was already Sam's the way he's going on. 'Makes me sick he's in the final.' 'What?' 'Never mind.' Yeah, never mind, boyo.
Dexter and Gina DESERVE to be in the final, because they've worked the hardest. Even Gina, as odious as she's been, deserves it over most of these others, because she was an underdog who fought her way to the top. It's just now she's at the top she's gone power mad.
Dexter just said the immortal words: 'If it's your time to go, it's your time to go.'
Gina's happy because he saved her. Sophie: 'That's not going to look good on him.' Oh, shut it. Who gives a fuck what you think? She's right though, it wasn't the least greedy who won it, haha.
I don't see what the others are all bothered about, unless they think they're going to win it?
I love the way Dexter's mind works! He's ALWAYS got his eye on the pound note. Always. He's running rings round these people.
Twin: 'I will boo if Dexter wins.' Shut it, fatty. I'd rather watch Dexter swanning round in his filthy onesie than you wallowing in the pool like a walrus.
Sam calling people a game player is a joke; he's floated under the radar for two months and finally pipes up in the last week or so. It's like Claire from Steps moaning at Speidi for being a game player. It's called BEING ENTERTAINING.
Dexter: 'There's more to life than zeros and noughts.'
Sam is REALLY mad. I think he knows Dexter's got it in the bag and he's twitching about it. That bellend line was alright, though. Sam is funny. But he thinks he's got some divine right to win.
It's not 'come a chameleon', twins. They're a one to talk about acting! Their whole stay in the house has been one fucking act.
Is no one happy that Dexter's got to the final (except Gina?) You think they'd be happy the money is still there, at least.
Ha, Dexter just said pretty much what I said about Sam. He should have said that direct to Sam! Love the fact he mentioned the inappropriate sexual puns, too. Dexter WOULD have given you some money towards disabilities, Sam. But not now. No, the deaf will suffer because of you. He's right about Sam not being entertaining too. He's right about everything here, actually.
I don't care who goes this week out of this lot. I'll actually save myself this money because I'm not going to vote, evict all five of them on Friday as far as I'm concerned.
Dexter FTW!

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