Monday, 5 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: With friends like these...

I just want to to get one thing straight, boyo. This contrived argument between Sam and Sophie is boring. But at least it's not ruinous, as I suspect friends and family nominations will be.
Haha, Sophie is telling Hazel Dexter said he'd evict her. What DID Dexter say that for?! We knew it would get back to them at the moment he said that!
Look at the STATE of that toilet!
I don't care about Sam's 'journey' or Sam's emotions and I think the only reason him and Sophie are bitching at each other is because they both know the end game is in sight and they're both twitching like motherfuckers.
Shut up, idiot twin. I hate it when he has a go at Dexter. I'd evict that fat fucker and his gross brother, too. They're not fit to kiss Dexter's Tuco shoes.
Sophie, stop yapping! You're killing your game right here. Better off with that imaginary 'sweet' tag. God, imagine if she'd been like this for 10 weeks, she'd have been gone weeks ago.
You're right, Sophie, he's not sweet, and nor are you. Her mask has slipped BADLY. I wish the housemates could put her plate face up this week. How rude calling him 'a fucking idiot'. She's the one who kept pressuring him to say why he didn't like her, when he didn't, he just said he didn't connect with her. That bitch has been biting her lip for weeks now; THIS is the real person she is. Glad you kept her in over Dan?
Dexter is trying to turn things round on Sam whilst he's a bit down. He's getting it from all angles today, you poor sod.
LOL to Sam saying Dexter is 'sucking up to him'. Even Sam is pulling this 'journey' card indirectly now. Ha, Dexter said the word 'journey'. I thought Sam was quite gracious there, really. He stands his ground at least.
'Gina, has anyone ever sent you any fan mail before?' Gina: 'By post, no.' Gina is targeting Hazel again! I liked her writing the letters, though. She was the right girl for the job.
Ha to Gina calling herself 'a loyal friend' in the fan letters. Good strategy.
I LOVE the fact Gina told herself she was the best in the house. HILARIOUS! AND slagged off Hazel in it too. Subtle as a brick.
I love the fact Dexter's letter went psycho. Love, Stan. I love the fact any of them think they have fans.
I love the way Hazel deals with things! She just gets better and better and it makes Gina look increasingly petty, and I'm sure Hazel knows that, too.
Dexter has come to thank Mary Anne personally. Where would one buy a Dexter poster or t-shirt? I'm surprised Dexter isn't demanding a cut of the royalties.
It's nice the twin did a fan letter for Hazel as she never got one. I like the way she uses them for emotional support now Daley and Dan have gone. I have a feeling she won't be hanging out with them in the outside world, though.
Gina couldn't WAIT to tell them about the letters! Aw, Dexter's little face!
I saw Sophie and Gina chatting on the live feed about their families last night and it was quite nice, actually.
Friends and family noms! I'm glad Hazel's mum is there supporting her. Hazel has had nothing in the way of contact and support from her family. Hazel's mum nominated Sophie, not Dexter. Yay. Hazel looks gorgeous.
Charlie's friend nominated Hazel 'for going after another girl's man.' How fucking pathetic. What the hell has it got to do with you? It's appalling strategy as Hazel is Charlie's 'best friend' in the house. How sad to go on a personal vendetta when you should be putting yourself in Charlie's shoes and doing what she would do. That girl is a cunt. You'd be better off with Jackie nominating. It will also upset Charlie to have her friend casting aspersions like that. With friends like these, who needs enemies? I'm honestly in a state of shock about that. 'It's something I feel very strongly about.' Well I hope you just got Charlie evicted, you spiteful little shit. Ooh, she also nominated Jack and Joe. It's not all bad then! Haha, she said they were 'full of themselves.' LOL. Charlie's friend is a piece of work. Charlie has the friends she deserves.
Dexter's mum (again!): Jack and Joe, ha. They are twitching. Dexter's mum did Hazel as well. Well, these are the same noms Dexter would have done anyway. Not sure for her reason for nominating Hazel.
Jack and Joe's mum: Dexter. Surprise, surprise. Dexter's mum also did Charlie! Ha. 'She loves talking about herself.' True.
Sams mum did Dexter and Sophie. Is Sophie going to be up? She nominated Sophie for 'not speaking clearly'.
Sophie's nan nominated Hazel! Hazel is such an easy target. Sophie's nan did Sam too and said 'he's so boring he's like watching paint dry.'
Gina's boyfriend: Hazel. 'She puts to F in fake. Gina's boyfriend nommed Charlie for being a liar as well. Charlie's sad face! HA. We saw through you at last. She had a proper 'you've been rumbled face'. I'm glad Gina's boyfriend didn't do Dexter.
Hazel took that SOOOOO well. They're all up except Sam! Charlie or the twins out this week, please. Twins look mad!
Charlie doing damage control! Too late, your days are numbered. I would LOVE to see Charlie or the twins go! Please make it happen. Please. Please?

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