Saturday, 17 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: Adapted by aliens

I'm glad Sophie went, as she gave nothing, and I'm disappointed that no one mentioned her toadying to Gina in any of the interviews. She seemed so awkward and uncomfortable on BOTS! I still don't get how she went, though. Who voted for her?
It's a shame we couldn't get rid of Charlie as well as Sophie as I would have liked to have seen Dexter without her in the last few days. She sucks the life out of him, she's a complete emotional vampire.
Gina has been 'adapted by aliens'. If only.
Dexter's chains and boxes analogy is so turgid. What's in your box, Dexter? It's probably the penny.
Why does Gina paint her face white? I bet she'd look really stunning with the right colour foundation on. Instead she looks waxy.
Genie task. I guess we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Oh God, Charlie's got her top off. Groo.
Dexter and Gina singing I Will Survive. TV joy. I love them together!
Why is Dexter so sure Charlie's going home? Ah, now he's banging on about his journey in the Diary Room. Yawn.
I don't remember seeing Charlie in her bikini before. She's got a nice body, but somehow she's completely sexless. Imagine what she'd be like after sex. I bet she cries.
Oh, Dexter, get a grip. Stop actressing! I think being in the house does mean a lot to him, though. His life must be really terrible if he feels safer being in that bubble.
I don't even get why Sophie got boos. She's so dull I couldn't even be bothered to waste my breath.
Charlie's lipstick and lip liner looks more befitting to someone her mother's age. This girl is harder to get rid of than a yeast infection.
I HATE it when they go 'it's me' when they're waiting to be evicted. So bugging.
I liked the twins reaction to Sophie going. They have been making me laugh recently! There you go. I said it.
Why does Sam think it's 'unbelievable' that Sophie's gone? He's been trying to get rid of her for weeks.
Gina's not happy and I bet she's going to take it out on Charlie. I wish Charlie would shut up. I can't wait until I don't have to hear her voice again.
Everyone: 'Dexter is playing a game.' Yes, it's called Big Brother. Why doesn't someone else try it?
I hate the way Charlie treats Dexter. She's a proper mind game player. She's so manipulative and emotionally abusive! I can't bear it. 'You eyes are like two brown coins'. That's such a nasty thing to say to someone! What a bitch!
Dexter, wake up, you're never going to be with her, and for that you should be SO grateful. She's psychotic.
Oh, Sam, stop digging at Dexter. It's not your best look. Sam: 'Be more wary of Dexter.' She couldn't BE more wary of Dexter!
Gina is right in what she's saying to Dexter. He is being stupid, but to be fair, he's getting really mixed messages. Gina does well to showcase her kind side. Shame we know her bad side only too well now.
Ha, Dexter's telling Charlie basically what Gina said to him word for word. OMG what is Dexter saying? He wants to be with Charlie so much that he doesn't mind having a sexless marriage?! What is he talking about! Gina and Sam laughing at that was hilarious.
Charlie, you can't be best friends with a guy who's madly in love with you, it doesn't work like that. Gina is right, she does enjoy the attention.
I want to see Gina in a pair of jeans or a pair of jogging bottoms! Even her nightie is like evening wear.
'I truly love you, Charlie Travers' was so funny. Wish Sam and Gina has been in the treehouse for that bit.
Oh Dexter. As you said yourself, that's the way it goes... but sometimes it goes the other way, too.

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