Friday, 11 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: No mercy, no surrender, no retreat

Bit peed off about this eviction as I'd rather lose Tricia/ Claire/ Lacey etc than Toadfish or Sam. I think Sam 'has more to give', lol. And although I don't like Toadfish, he's got the potential for more of a kick off than a lot of the others.
Why don't you cook for yourself, Heidi and Spencer?! Then no one will poison you.
Holds up, Rylan. Drop me out. They are all slagging Spencer and Heidi off round the breakfast table! Charming. Booo! Uh oh, Spencer's taking deep breaths. Anger management! He looks MAD.
Uh oh, Sam is calling Spencer boring! This should get him a few votes. Their shit list is three miles long right now! I feel sorry for them, is that wrong.
Why have they got so much soap? Who cares? Heidi hates the sheeple! Those litte pre-filmed clips they have of Heidi and Spencer are hilarious. God, this show would be dead without them.
Toadfish torture! Push the button. Spencer on Toadfish: 'he's like a serial killer.' Pot, kettle, black. Toadfish just said he missed them and they covered him in dogshit, by the looks of things. Thems the breaks.
I wonder how they'll bring Spencer and Heidi back into the house? And ARE they going to kick off? I mean, really? COULD they win it off a sympathy vote? I'm not so sure, because they're not sympathetic characters.
Sorry it's cold outside, Brian. I'm sure you're being paid enough. Brian is saying it's neck and neck. He wasn't saying that last week, so is it? I voted to save Sam, but I'm not THAT bothered.
Heidi looks genuinely sad when she sees people bitch about her, and she looked sad on the live feed last night.
That was a nasty thing of Rylan to say about 'the only cock she's had is a bull's one'. That must be really horrible hearing people say that about you and about her being 'a goer'. I thought that Tricia Penrose was quite nasty, too.
Detective Rylan is on the case! Luckily he's a shit detective, though. Razor's stomach is making me feel sick. Heidi and Spencer 'don't kiss cheeks.'
Basement dwellers: 'No mercy, no surrender, no retreat. We're Americans.' God bless America? What about God save the Queen? Nah, fuck that bitch. Is there a single housemate who didn't slag them off? I don't think so.
I like Sam's hair, he's quite dishy really. I think he's gonna go, though.
Everyone's getting booed! Ah, well. That was a LOOOOOOOOOONG gap Brian did there. The crowd were shouting 'get Ryan out'. I feel like Sam didn't really have a fair chance. All the arseholes in that house and he's leaving. You think he'd be a prime candidate to float to the end. Why are they booing him? It can't be 'trollop gate' as I just made that up.
On that dull as fuck live feed last night Sam said he wanted to go. That live feed thing was just a swiss to make us not want live feed anymore. We're not that stupid.
I don't like Sam's attitude much. I hate people who say they're happy to go. He'll be glad he missed the Spencer and Heidi reunion.
Sam's got leggings on and winklepickers. Who does he think he is, Noel Edmonds? You have to be anorexic to wear skinny jeans like that if you're a man, otherwise you look like a lady.
Sam moaning about the show being boring. That's because of people in the house being boring. I saw Sam's real girlfriend in Heat, she looked like Boy George.
Defensive much in this interview! Fuck off back to your glittering career! If he's saying 'we knew it' about Spencer and Heidi, why were they slagging them off so much.
Sam: 'it's more fun to watch than it is being in there.' Ha!
They could have brought Spencer and Heidi in better. Claire looks mortified! I liked the highlights package, though.
Spencer and Heidi were right about Paula and Sam and how they shouldn't have been voted off. LOL, Spencer and Heidi are getting to choose the nominations. Their nomination for Claire is fair enough, but not Rylan! You can call Rylan a lot of things, but not dull. That should be disallowed. At least the other housemates get to nominate too.
Seriously, are we not going to get to see them go back in? DROP ME AHT. Bare jokes. You SWINES!
Oh we are getting to see them come back in, briefly. Heidi gave them all the pointy finger of death.
Spencer shook a few hands. Heidi took a few names: 'there's no place like home.' I like the fact they refuse to hug anyone. Toadfish looks twitchy.
Ooooooooooh Rylan started that row! He made it all about him immediately. Rylan: 'do you think I'm playing up to the cameras?' Heidi: '100%'.
Spencer's vein is going in his neck. I literally can't BELIEVE they stopped the show there. I cannot actually believe it. It's like stopping fight night 3 seconds in. Honestly, they treat their viewers like scum. If EVER an hour of live feed was needed, it was then. What a fucking joke. DROP ME OUT. Absolutely pathetic. They don't want us to see it live, they want to cut it to pieces and have us feel the way they want us to about it. Sickening. Why couldn't the show have been extended by half an hour?! Argh!!!
Who's going to come out on top there, though, Rylan or Spencer? We knew Rylan would snap at some point. And here it is. I just hope this doesn't end up costing me!

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