Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: Hughie goes? (Fuck) you (who) decide(d)

Soz for brevity, I'm on the iPad again. Emma looks like Miss Haversham. Why so dowdy? Why is Evelyn getting booed? Oh because she's a woman. Hughie cheers! Yes! I'm voting Hughie. Jackson got cheers too. 
Where is Marco/ Andrew and the twins? I miss when the old housemates used to strut down the stage. I guess there's too many now. 
Jason has smiled more in the past 6 weeks than he has in the past few years. He should tell his face. 
Why are they bothering to 'interview' Sam and Alex? Who gives a fuck. 'No ones seen us.' Cos you're shit. Alex getting lightly grilled on Evelyn. 'Mugging a bird off'. Charming. You did, by the way, mug her off. Hope the funeral eulogy is worth it. Also, those shoes. 
Bet the two women go in the two by two eviction. I knew it! Jayne and Evelyn both look lovely. Four men in the final! That is some bullshit. Sexist dicks. At least people didn't boo when they came out. I think. 
Emma's like 'there there ladies for making it to the final'. 5th and 6th place. Not that great, is it? Jayne and Nikki need a spin off show. 
Emma is not letting Evelyn speak. Evelyn still thinks Alex is genuine. Seriously. Did they ever even snog? Ah, Jayne's best bits were good. Top DRs. 
OMG I wish I'd voted for Andy now. He didn't deserve to go out in fourth. CHVRCHES for his eviction song. Cool. How did Jackson and Jason get more votes? Will no one think of Lateysha? 
Emma: 'There's half a percent between the top two.' That old chestnut!
Andy missed high brow conversations in the house, like that time he was in that lift with Lady Gaga. What a snob. I note the rat is there to greet him. 
Hughie looks orange, Jackson looks 80s and Jason looks like he's going to a wedding. 
Omg Jackson out next. Imagine if Jason wins? Emma says there's half a percent in it. Do you believe her? I've voted twice. Don't think I can do much more. 
In a way I half admire Jackson's 'extra an mid-80s Madonna video' style. Georgina looks ropey, to be honest. I like the way Jackson spoke about her. Even if it's just magazine-deal-itis, it's nice to ha someone speak about you like that (I'd imagine). 
Seriously, how did Jason win! Hughie would have been SUCH a good winner. Would have been so fun. He's such a lush person. He was ROBBED! Sooooo depressing. 
Hughie: 'If I'm honest, I don't think one person thought he was going to win.' Haaaa! 
Aw Ryan. Ha, his tattoo. Lol. Omg when Hughie said he wanted to make a go of it with Ryan I cried. I haven't felt this optimistic about a BB showmance since Steph and Jeremy. Oh...
Your winner.... Jason! All that gameplanning finally paid off. Has anyone taken a look at Charlie's phone bill? So the lesson here is steal 20k off people and you win? What's the moral of that story? Who actually voted for Jason? Was it Chelsea? It's like Brexit all over again: it makes NO FUCKING SENSE. 
We never, ever get the winner we deserve. 
PS: Big Brother Bile is on hiatus but enjoy FRANKIE GRANDE in the Big Brother house. We've got podcasts galore about that cunt. It's been a shit 2016 and so far, this has been the icing on the cake (Jason winning, not Frankie Grande, who I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing befriending Biggins.) 
I'll be back when I've got a new laptop. Cheers for reading. 


Arif Ramzan said...

Thanks for blogging. I read all of them this series and put comments when I could .
I miss the pods you lot do. Hopefully it will continue

Sugar MacLeod said...

Aww, I wish "Hooey" as Evelyn says, would have won too but being that they couldn't vote in Ireland Jason had more of a chance, I guess?? Still would have thought more would vote Huey. I don't mind Jason winning though as he did go through a lot of crap in there. Huey was definitely the star and he'll go on to bigger and better things through this show.
I sure hope you and James decide to do the podcast on Celebrity BBUK even though that idiot, Frankie Grande, may be ruining it for awhile. WHY,BIG BROTHER??? Didn't they learn their lesson after the Perez Hilton debacle? Obviously not. Hopefully Frankie will get voted out first.
Thanks for the blogs and the podcasts! You're always so entertaining. You should try to go on Big Brother!

neil king said...

thanks for all the podcasts i love your wit adore lyndseys laugh and james dry humour

lightupvirginmary said...

Thanks for all these comments! 💜 I would never go on BB... Maybe James will! We've not been able to pod much lately. We miss it but life gets in the way sometimes! X

Anonymous said...

When is your BBUK final pod out?

Anonymous said...

Will you be podcasting celebrity big brother? HOPE SO!

lightupvirginmary said...

Not at the moment, sorry!