Saturday, 30 January 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Concentrate on your journey

How do they get away with it? The vote fixing that is. The 'pure' housemates, chosen by the pointless Gillian McKeith get to nominate. How are GC and her lapdog Danniella, chronic chainsmokers, PURE in any way? GC was exempt from the task for 'feeling nauseous'? The only task this bitch has done is the one where she got immunity. Funny, that. Gillian McKeith was a waste of airtime and whatever she got paid. Honestly, fuck these I'm a Celebrity people.
I have no idea why Big Brother wanted Tiffany, Stephanie and Jeremy on the block, while Darren Day, Danniella and GC just sit there smoking and whining and pretending they're decent people when we all know they're morally bankrupt. It was so annoying, as I like all three people who were up. I voted to save Steph though, as it's my aim in life to see her outlast Gemma Collins. At least Stephanie admits her sins.
I was sorry to see Jeremy go. I thought Emma treated him despicably, overcompensating for her Hazel/Daley fuck up of years' past by pretending she cares about sexism when we all know she's a raving misogynist. Jeremy is single, he can essentially do what he likes. I do believe he fell in love. I dread to think what Stephanie will face when she's evicted. That crowd are just looking for a witch to burn and she's the one. I have this faint hope in my heart that she could win it, just because I'd love to see the uproar, both in and out of the house. Helen won, so anything's possible.
I have more to say on all of that, and tried to last night with a podcast that was sabotaged by a live mouse being dumped in my living room by my cat. Whether the beginning of that ever sees the light of day, I'll let you know. The mouse, unbelievably, is still at large. *eek*
So on with tonight's show. God, is the phone task still going on? I hate two day tasks. Yawn.
I also don't give a fuck if Steremy shagged or not, but I like the fact it annoyed the hags so much. I include Darren in the hags, FYI.
OMg Jez wiggling his weiner at Steph. Now I'm going to have to delete another 10 people off Twitter for calling Steph a slag, even though it's Jeremy waving his willy around.
What is the POINT in Scotty T, does anyone know? Also, who is the other Scotty? There was Luke S and Luke A, but where is Scotty A, B or C? And can we swap for that one?
I watched the extended cut of Steph's call earlier and it was actually really moving. The fact she was so desperate to hear he her dad proud of her was cute. Her dad was soooo nice. I wish I had a nice dad. 'You hold your head up high.' Aw. Fuck Danniella, John. Steph is eating up the call time. 'Concentrate on your journey.' That's fighting talk. 'Retain your dignity' means 'don't fuck Jeremy' right? Too late, I think. He's not seen Sam for a while, ha. I have, plugging his wares on Twitter. I like the fact they all leave the room when they have the calls. Calls from home are better than letters from home.
Danniella: 'Of course her dad's proud of her.' *sour* What a bitch. I actually hate her more than GC now, which I didn't think was possible.
Big Brother zooming in on Jeremy and Stephanie getting it on before throwing them to the wolves. Mock horrified much.
Danniella: 'Scotty hasn't had a phonecall.' He has, it was just so insignificant, no one remembers it. It was just one of his feral co-stars barking down the line.
Danniella's getting her call. I'm so happy for her, not. Bet she's pleased her friend mentioned Tiffany, ha. 'He's like JLo.' Er, who the fuck is it?
Scotty couldn't wait to get Megan off the phone. Can't blame him.
Hold on, why is John 'I didn't cry at my father's funeral' getting another call? And bawling! Turncoat.
Jeremy is deffo finger banging Steph! I like the way they've cut all the phonecalls with the sex. It's dramatic, ha. What about the dignity though? 'Me dad!' Oh, fuck dignity. She knows she's not getting back with Sam now.
Gemma ordering her mum around and hanging up on her. 'You can walk? Sort me out a fucking party!' Ok then.
Steph is wondering how to speak to Sam. I don't think you'll have to worry about that. Jeremy pretending to be respectful: 'We should wait a while.' What about the magazine deals? The magazine deals wait for no one. Jeremy: 'We're gonna have amazing sex.' I'm sure. But he's happy to wait, OK? He can't even wait until they get out of the house!
I like Tiffany's reaction when she was saved, it seemed very genuine. I can't work out if Steph's orange dress is an eek or a chic. Maybe it's a cheek.
'It's made Danniella's day' that Tiffany is staying (subtext: Steph or Jeremy are going).
Steph and Jeremy saying their goodbyes in the loo. Quite apt. I still don't get this phonebox thing. I thought it was quite sad when he went. I'm so glad it wasn't her though. Fuck the other housemates.
Danniella: 'You get way you get when you behave a certain way.' Yeah like no septum. She's SMILING. Evil cow. How can she BE SO JUDGEMENTAL! How can you be 42, have been through all that, and throw around the word 'slag' and JUDGE SO MUCH? And allegedly she's a Christian? FFS. Hypocrite.
Danniella: 'She deserves every boo she gets and more.' So much for her 'trying to help' Steph as people were bleating to me on Twitter this week. Bet you I don't hear from them again. She's just HORRIBLE. I'm glad Scotty T was left without his playmate and it was his own doing for nominating Steph. Haha! Scotty T comforting Steph, ugh. Steph doesn't have to explain herself to that mutt Scotty T. He doesn't understand love. He just wants to know when his next walkies is.
What's Danniella carping about. 'It should never have been him.' Didn't she nominate him?
Danniella is in no position to judge ANYONE! Even my mum just texted to say Danniella is a 'trouble stirring bitch' and just jealous.
Darren even said the thing about Jeremy's locket aggressively. Why is everyone being so mean to Steph? It's so annoying. This lot are so fucking sanctimonious. At least Steph is being real unlike Darren 'I don't fantasise' Day. I'm tired of everyone being the voice of reason, being the morality police. Put a sock in it. We're trying to watch an entertaining programme here.
Danniella is obsessed with being 'mugged off.' I'd just settle for 'mugged.'
I'm glad to see Tiffany happy, she deserves it for being one of the only fun housemates in there. She's annoyed she didn't get to comfort Jeremy in his hour of need - I honestly don't think Jeremy would have been up for it. He's cuntstruck.
So we approach the last week. What pointless twist are they going to throw in to ensure Scotty MTV T wins? Watch this space! We get the winners we deserve. Unfortunately.


Unknown said...

You would have thought with Danniella being 42 and gone through the bad times she would be more grown up and learnt from her mistakes but nope.
She's a jealous , grumpy cow .
I don't remember her being a cunt in the 1st week , probably stronger housemates taking up the airtime .
Seems to be more history with Steph & Danniella .
How did Genma know beforehand that her mum would be calling ? Unless big bro told her beforehand . .
What gives with some housemates being so emotional when getting a phone call ,.
Steph wanted to know if her dad is proud of her , I didn't know you had to be proud of someone for being in big brother , come on now . It's not rocket science to know it's just a show that doesn't require much talent or skill .
I would have thought somebody from Scotty T family or friends he's known for long time would have called up and not Meg .
I'm sure most of the nominations hasn't been a normal ones , always some sort of crappy unwanted twists. I miss the good old days with the rules . Looks like that's been thrown out the window .
I thought your cat would have killed the mouse but just got it inside the house . It must have been serious once the mouse got in the house during your attempt of recording another pod.
Hope to hear your next pod very quick .

twostepcub said...

Daniella is Nadia with a backstory. #enabler #alsobitter #alsouselesswithoutherhatredofsteph