Friday, 23 February 2007

Enders Vs Corrie

Quality-wise neither really deserve their own blog so let's mush them in together. Corrie's OK at the moment, the gay kiss and the David blackmail thing are mildly titilating. I'm forever waiting for David go upstairs and come back down better-looking like Madame Rickett did- but he never does. Instead we are forced to look at his sneery weasely face, which even a hair cut and a splodge of fake tan can't disguise. Don't do it Tracey. When she told him to 'come in the back way' the other day, there was some concern in my household and I'm sure, many others.
Corrie has its fair share of dross though: this endless Becky thing (just fuck off) and the boring factory family. Jason's acting makes wood look animated. Yawnio. Luckily, Corrie has Norris and Blanche and therefore always wins.
Enders is ultimate dross lately, it doesn't even feel like Eastenders now Pauline and Martin are gone. Phil Mitchell, whom I prayed for the return of for several months, is saddled with sappy twat Stella and the devil-child Ben. I want him to get drunk and go on a rampage! Knock some heads together! Fuck all this pussy-footing around bollocks. GO PURPLE!
Stacey Slater shagging that old ginger bloke is also morally-repugnant, and how dull is his wife? And if that fucking child of theirs sings a song ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA FUCKING BOOT THE TELLY. As for that ridiculous plot-hole riddled storyline with Dawn having a baby- what the fuck? The wife having to listen to her and that bloke shagging the other day was just plain sick. That's not tea time viewing.
I also particularly hate BERT, BERT's chav child-spawn thing, YOLANDE, all of that family who live with Pat, especially the shouty, appalling actress mechanic blonde one and the skeletal black daughter who seems to have had a personality bypass. Further to this, I hate Mickey and his comedy hair.
Dear God, there's not even any totty or nuffink these days. Shit, why am I still watching this? Its depressing as fuck.
Although Dot is always super-cool.

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