Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Brother's Bit on the Side (BOTS)

I thought I'd do a quick review of BOTS, as I've actually been watching it this series, unlike last series, when it was Big Mouth, but bore no resemblance to the surreal art-house knockabout romp fronted by Russell Brand in our youths, but instead was Davina McCall (remember her?) shrieking and trying to be impartial. Appalling.
I've had my doubts about Emma Willis in the past (shrilllllll!) but she loves Big Brother, and she's easy on the eye, and I think she's been pretty good for this show. She watches it (which is more than Davina or George Lamb - shudder - did) and she has a good sense of humour. The format of the show is generally quite good and easy to watch, and although I can't warm to Alice (what's the point of her?) I went from hating Jamie East to thinking he's pretty funny, and he gets away with saying the most offensive things. They don't try too hard to be funny or surreal, as has been the mistake on this show in the past.
The guests are generally quite good with a few exceptions (how much did they have to pay Linda Lusardi?). Pete Burns, Lauren Harries and Victor have all been extremely good value and entertaining, although you can get a bit sick of anyone after a week.
Victor can somehow get away with being so offensive and sexist, yet still being super funny. I'd say there's slightly too much Josie on it (what is the fascination with her?) but I like it when they dig up ancient housemates like Freddie, Ahmed and Jonty. And it's always a pleasure to see Rodrigo on my screen. But when are they going to dig up the Irrepressible Dark Horse, or did I miss that one?
I think when BB finishes, and BOTS is no more, I'll miss it. But I'd still swap it in seconds for even an hour of live feed. Sort it out, C5. I miss it on those nights I stay up late. Waiting for them to wake up used to be a gentle sort of fun.
PS: a word on OKTV. Fair enough ditching smug Matt, but Kate Walsh is worth a hundred of the sleazy Jenny Frost. And Jeff Brazier is no good, either. Goodbye!


Mattpuma said...

Love bots this year. I agree Davina was awful,so unfunny. Emma is so much better. Cant agree with you about Alice though, she is very funny, plus totally beautiful too. Victor is my favourite ever housemate, hilarious. ps the blogs are still essential reading, perhaps you should go on bots!

lightupvirginmary said...

Nooo I'm best off camera! Thanks though :)