Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Album review: Cursive- Mama I'm Swollen

Sorry for the blout; my freeview has gone all black so no telly. Watching TV on the computer is all well and good but it's hard to write at the same time as you have to make the screen diddy. So instead I bring you; tunes.
Cursive! Not just a shouty Bright Eyes, although... er, mainly just that. I do like Cursive loads and they have a few EXCELLENT pop songs (Art is Hard, Driftwood, The Recluse- oh fuck I'm like some Morrissey tourist saying they like that one about Hector) but sometimes a whole album can get a bit... SHOUTY!
So let's see if this one bucks the trend. Squealy guitars, check. Er, shouting, check. Quite a good opener, if a bit indistinct. I like his voice, I think it sounds virtually identical to Conor's at times, I think it might be the accent. It's funny though how Conor's shouting is to be encouraged, yet this dude's gets a bit grating. I saw Cursive once, though, and they unexpectedly rolled out all the good shit. They arent as good as The Faint, though (my friend of the burn piano island variety is going to kill me for saying this, but he is hey-ho about Conor, so fuck him!)
I Couldn't Love You sounds peculiarly English; a bit Cure-ish. Donkeys is pretty awful. It reminded me of something, but it wasn't something good (Prince?). I don't think the breathy talking thing works for him like it does for Moz in Sorrow will Come in The End.
This album drags quite badly in the middle, and only a squeaky violin wakes me up. He isn't even shouting. What the fuck?
Mama I'm Satan was the best title and the best song yet, which doesn't say much as it was pretty boring and er... what's another word for shouty?
Sorry if you're a massive Cursive fan, you probably want to bludgeon me. But today I read Q magazine and they gave Lily Allen's album a whole star more than Morrissey's, so imagine how I feel?
Hehe after all that I really liked that last song, which is probably the least Cursivey one. Even the shouty bit was good. Still, it weren't no Staying Alive (the Cursive song, not the Bee Gees hit). But on the whole the album was just too samey. It was like a sanitised Happy Hollow.
Come back Sierra, all is forgiven. (I LOVE Sierra! I love that whole album actually)
PS: what is it with 'mama' at the moment? She's sneaking into all the titles. She hasn't been so popular since the Spice Girls dragged her out.

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